Cooler Master Cosmos II Super Tower Chassis Review

Final Thoughts


There is no easy way of saying this, the Cosmos II can set you back anywhere from £250 to £300 from most major retailers, it is one of the most expensive consumer chassis on the market. Of course the price relative to its quality and of course it’s still only a fraction of what it would cost to fill this chassis with high-end components.


Price really doesn’t matter when it comes to the Cosmos II, sure it is one of the most expensive chassis on the market, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great value for money. Your bank balance may cry when you purchase it, but what you get in return is unlike anything else available on the market. The chassis may now be a couple of years old, but it is still king when it comes to enthusiast level performance and builds.

The build quality is beyond incredible, thick panels keep everything sturdy and lush aluminium finishings, heavy-duty rails that double as stands and handles, a very cool sliding front panel door, modular drive bays, air filtered air intakes, a bunch of high quality fans included as standard, a nicely designed multi channel fan controller, the list just goes on and on, every bit of the chassis is as good as it can possibly be. The sheer level of features and how well they’re all put together goes more than a long way to justifying the price tag.

When it comes to building a legendary system, with multiple graphics cards, a dual socket motherboard, extensive water cooling, a massive RAID array of storage and more, then the Cosmos II will handle it all with ease. The sheer scale of the chassis means that no matter what you choose to install will drop in with ease, with room to spare to get the job done easily. Extensive cable routing space will prove vital to creating a clean build, even if you choose to occupy every storage bay and expansion slot with devices. Case modders have already shown the Cosmos II a lot of love and the easily modifiable panels mean that you can cut, trim and tweak till your heart is content, although you really have to think outside of the box to find something that doesn’t already fit in this chassis with ease.

There is little else I have to say about this case, it delivers on all its promises and more. There isn’t really anything about it that I do not love, or that feels like it could be better. Actually if I have any complaints it will be that the chassis is back breathtakingly heavy to move around, and that is before you install a system into it, but this can easily be justified by the fact its weight comes from its rock solid build quality and heavy-duty construction.


  • Extensive space for multiple high-end graphics cards
  • Lots of modular storage bays for 5.25″, 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives
  • Excellent cooling capabilities with room for lots of fans and/or radiators
  • Exterior and interior design unlike anything else on the market
  • Air filters on all major intakes
  • High quality fans included
  • Lots of cable routing space and rubber grommets


  • It is very expensive, although it is not hard to understand why
  • It is very heavy, but again completely understandable given its overall size.
  • Unlikely to fit under most people’s desk, The Cosmos II is beyond huge.

“If you’re looking to build a system that is worthy of the title “Enthusiast Grade” then there are a few great chassis options on the market, however, very few of them come close to what the Cosmos II has to offer and while it may be a couple of years old it can still compete with newer offerings on the market.”

Cooler Master Cosmos II Super Tower Chassis Review