Cooler Master Cosmos II Super Tower Chassis Review

Final Thoughts

The total build for the Cosmos II was about 30 minutes, which is impressive for a chassis of this size. There is so much room to work with that it couldn’t have been much easier to make everything fit and the end result looks fantastic.

The NZXT  X60 fits in the top with ease and while there isn’t room for a push pull configuration on the interior, remember than you can add another layer of fans via the top of the chassis.

Our graphics card has an obscene amount of clearance, putting four graphics cards in this chassis should be an absolute breeze, and there is more than enough clearance for even the longest GPU’s available. The addition of two extra rubber grommets above the PSU will also make neatly routing extra GPU cables a much easier task.

The hard drive bays in the top allowed quick and easy installation of our SSD and hard drive, with the added benefit of being cooled by the 200mm fan in the front panel.

Side panel back in place and you can’t even tell what lurks inside this beast.

Everything looks neat and tidy around the back too, apart from the various amounts of dust and finger prints I’ve managed to get all over the chassis exterior.