Cooler Master Cosmos II Super Tower Chassis Review


The side panels open up with a quick release clip at the back of the chassis, they’re mounting on a heavy-duty hinge that allows you to open it up like a door for quick and easy access.

The interior is pretty huge and behind the mother you will find a wide cut-out to allow for easy CPU cooler installation. Cable routing options are extensive, with six large rubber grommets to the right of the motherboard and two more on the base allowing for cable pass through from the CPU although there is also ample cable routing space behind the PSU at the back of the chassis.

There are five hard drive bays in the upper section of the chassis, all fitted with tool free trays that support 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives.

At the bottom you’ll see there are two built-in fans for HDD cooling, this is required as the lower section is virtually separate from the top section. This can be opened up on a hinge and you’ll find six more bays here which can easily be removed should you need the space for something else.

A huge bundle of cables can be found that handles everything from the front hot swap hard drive bays, the multi channel fan controller and all the front I/O panel devices. It’s a little much to comprehend at first, but Cooler Master have tagged all the important fan cables to make the installation a little easier.

In the back you’ll find a 140mm exhaust fan and a 120mm fan in the top.

The PSU mount features a large rubber pad to help reduce vibration and plenty of clearance much larger enthusiast grade power supplies.

The hard drive fans are mounted on a hinge, allowing you to open it out with ease and access two modular hard drive bays that are in a 3+3 format. All are tool free and come with slide out trays for easy access / installation.

The side panel maybe on a hinge, but if you really need to you can simply lift it off the mount, it’s a really heavy door too, with a thick panel that will go a long was to reducing noise and vibrations. There is plenty of ventilation at the bottom for the hard drive fans and a few mounts to add even more fans should you wish.

For a case this size you need extensive cable routing options and the Cosmos II doesn’t disappoint, there are seven large rubber grommets, a few extra cut outs at the top of the motherboard, loads of clearance around the PSU and hard drive bays and plenty of cable tie loops to help you strap down excess cables.

The front panel features a pull off ventilated and filtered panel, behind which you’ll find access to the front mounted fans.

In the top you’ll find room for 120mm and 240mm radiators, with room for up to a 360mm radiator.

Further space for top cooling can be found beneath the pull off top cover, more than enough space for fans here should you wish to mount a push / pull configuration for your radiator.