Console Fan Tricked into Playing MGS:V on PC – Not Xbox One

by - 7 years ago

pc master race

The “war” between consoles and PCs is probably not going to die out anytime soon, and while the subject is sometimes the catalyst for lengthy and tiresome debates, it can sometimes be the cause of something funny and wonderful. A Reddit user named EpilepsyMLG has decided to trick his console fan cousin into playing Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain on the PC using a Xbox controller and a simple HDMI cable. The PC was left on for “downloading” purposes, and it looks like the experiment was a real success as the cousin in question had no idea that he was actually enjoying the game on a Nvidia GTX 970 card and not on the Xbox One’s graphics solution. The Reddit user decided to go through with the plan after his cousin had bragged about how good the game looks on his console.

Apparently, things like “Graphics are really crisp” were said during the PC gaming session, and the player did notice that the game was constantly running at 60 FPS. Even though the posts author could not deliver updates on the trickery at some point, the conclusion is that his cousin is still unaware of the fact that he actually enjoyed the PC version of MGS:V, which is a clear win for the PC Master Race in my book. You can check out the entire thread right here.


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