Conquer The Past and Future In Humble Sega Strategy Bundle

Another month another bundle, and this time, you will be conquering time itself with the Sega Strategy Bundle.

Starting at $1 you can grab the Company of Heroes Complete Edition and The Dawn Of War Master Collection. If playing as the USA, Germany or England wasn’t enough for you in the past, then maybe taking to the 41st century and deploying the undying living metal of the Necron or the righteous fury of the Sisters of Battle could tempt you. With the complete Medieval 2: Total War and Rome Total War collections included the distant past isn’t far from being conquered either. Rounding off the $1 collection is a bundle of classic Sega games such as Shining Force and Columns.

The pay more than average tier features the highly anticipated sequel to the Dawn Of War series, in its complete Grand Master collection none the less. Take to Japan in the Total War: Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai Collection or take on an alternative world in Valkyria Chronicles, with tanks and special powers fueling and fighting conflicts. If you are one for a slower pace then why not try the Eastside Hockey Manager or enjoy the 66% off Football Manager 2016 code you can grab from the Humble Store.

Finally at $12 or more you unlock Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection, bringing a whole new light to the series with new gameplay mechanics focused on the war on the eastern front. Joining Company of Heroes 2 is Total War Attila, with enhanced graphics, AI and gameplay mechanics bringing you to the internal and external conflicts that helped shape the name of Attila the Hun.