Computex: InWin Tou Glass PC Case, Is This The Best Looking Case Ever?

InWin have set the standard for crazy cases, some great, some awful (sorry InWin) but all of them truly unique and while I may love and hate some of them, others will love and hate different ones and it’s this uniqueness that makes them so special.

Ever six months, InWin set out to make a brand new limited edition chassis, more often than not they’re expensive but you do get some exceptional design, unparalleled build quality and a case that uses the best materials on the market, now InWin have simply out done them selves, because the Tou is in a league of its own.

As you can see it features a tinted glass exterior bolted onto an aluminum frame, giving it the look of an executive sky scraper.

It looks even cooler thanks to the colour matched water cooling and Gigabyte motherboard they’ve fitted.

I erm, well, just look at this thing, a picture says a thousand words and when it comes to chassis design, this thing just steals the show!

The bottom of the chassis features the I/O panel and the optical drive bay.

This chassis is pure art and I can’t wait to see what can be done in terms of mods, case lighting and more. I just don’t think I would enjoy trying to keep it clean!

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Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex