Computex: Enermax Show New And Improved Liquid CPU Coolers

Enermax had a relatively average start into the world of liquid CPU coolers when they released the ELC 120 and 240 back in mid 2012. Since then Enermax have gone back to the drawing board with their liquid cooler designs and come up with several new water cooling AIOs.

At the heart of this redesign is the SCT (Shunt Channel Technology) they have used to completely redesign the pump block unit.  The pump unit is visibly bigger which hopefully means more powerful and it also has a much sleeker and more robust looking design.

Enermax have even gone as far as to toy with the idea of rubber tubing with one particular model.

On the other designs though we can see that do mainly stick with the corrugated plastic tubing which although it doesn’t look or feel great, it is more feasible as it has a lower evaporation rate and is more durable.

Like always Enermax will be offering both LED and non-LED versions of these new liquid coolers.

You can also see there is a beautiful grooved finish to the radiator and the pump which looks very subtle. As far as I am aware these new liquid CPU coolers are going by the name “Liqtech” but that is not set in stone yet as far as I know. Pricing and availability will be announced later after Computex.

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Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex