Companies Interested in Aquiring AVG Technology

According to ‘informed sources’, a number of private equity firms have been inquiring about an acquisition of AVG Technologies as of recent. Apparently the talks are in early informal stages, but there’s a possibility we will be seeing AVG change hands some time in the near future.

Founded in 1991 and listed in 2012, AVG employs approximately 1,000 staff worldwide and are most commonly known for their AVG-Free anti-virus service. As according to their statistics, over 187,000,000 users currently have their services installed on their computers and mobile phones.

Why the sudden spike in interest? AVG’s share price has risen more than 12% recently, seeing AVG pull a third quarter revenue of $92.3 million USD and therefore bumping their company value up to $940 million USD. Although they’re currently showing a 7.8% year-on-year decline – we’re not going to see them go any time soon.

What anti-virus program do you use, and do you use a ‘premium’ service or stick with the freebies? We’re interested to see your answers below in the comment section, or on our Facebook page. Personally I’ve been using AVG-Free for quite some time across many different operating systems and it’s always seemingly done a good job. Here’s hoping that an acquisition doesn’t hinder their performance in years to come.

Image courtesy of Chiphell