Command and Conquer 4 Officially Announced!

[COLOR=black]After several accidental announcements through twitter and a less than vague survey, EA have now officially announced that Command & Conquer 4 is in development and has been for many months. Although a release date is unknown, details that are clear is that this will be a PC Only game which many will be pleased to hear and will unfortunately be the end of the C&C story line. It is however likely that EA will milk this last game with at least one expansion pack, so don’t worry just yet.

The official announcement came through via e-mail if you are signed up to the Command & Conquer Newsletter from EA, stating that “A Command & Conquer Mega-Bomb Drops Early July!”. Which is likely a reference to the July 24th trailer/video which there is a countdown for on the official website, link below. We will hopefully have more information when the said countdown ends, however according to the current “Command & Conquer TV” video Raj Joshi appears to be one of the producers for this project and Samuel Bass working on the story.

There also appears to be mention of an entirely new experience, new way to play, more depth and strategy with the classic fast and fluid game play, player progression in every game mode, class based faction system along with multiplayer and co-op modes. So it appears to ready to shake up the RTS world again, maybe just like the original C&C in 1995! All I can say is roll on July 24 for more news!

Current Video + Countdown to Trailer:

Official Press Release:


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