Co-creator of ‘Saw’ in Talks for Live Action Borderlands Movie

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The Tracking Board has reported that Insidious: Chapter 3 writer and director, Leigh Whannell has entered talks with Lionsgate to write and direct an adaptation of the popular game, borderlands.

The movie was described as a cross between Guardians of the Galaxy and Mad Max, the story depicts a bleak future in which an abandoned mining colony on a distant planet has created a lawless society.Then a nearby star’s powerful gravitational field unearths horrific alien creatures hiding deep below the surface, the surviving colonists retreat to a vault rumored to contain advanced alien technology.

The news was announced on Reddit earlier today, and since the post several Reddit users have posted their rather intriguing thoughts.

I’m really confused as to the point. The story sounds completely different from the games. It sounds like some kind of horror monster/alien movie. Once they’re in the vault is it going to turn into an action movie? Very confused. He does do some good stuff…but this sounds better not associated with borderlands at all and as a standalone. -Zolakar

I wouldn’t set your expectations high. Firstly, things move VERY slowly in the film industry. There were concept sketches of cars in Mad Max: Fury Road from 1999. Second, the film won’t play anything like the game. Sure the game has a story, but it was the development of the world that made it so great. The side-quests, NPC characters and whatnot.

I’d definitely like to see it made but I can’t help but feel that Borderlands lends itself better to a television adaptation rather than cinema. – Olkaml 

What do you think to the news?

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