CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review

We’ve seen quite a few mechanical keyboards hit the market recently, with the majority possessing Cherry MX Black switches aimed primarily at gamers, so it made a nice change to get a keyboard with red switches. We actually preferred the lower force required by the red switches, but ultimately this is all down to user preference, so we won’t actually consider the use of switch to effect our overall opinion of the keyboard.

With the preference of switch issue put  aside, we found very little that could be considered a negative issue. Whilst we would have liked to see a wrist rest and full key illumination, we understand that these have been left out to keep the cost down, and that if you did want those features, you’d may as well just get the CM Storm Trigger instead.

We love the way CM Storm have done the cable routing – it may just be a small feature, but the end result is much cleaner and more practical and it’s always good to see a little innovation. The whole keyboard is just very simple, and we like it: no drivers to faff about with or to go wrong, no additional keys to get in the way, just a plain simple keyboard, partially backlit with media keys and with the ability to switch off the windows key. Whilst it may not be ideal for long typing sessions, it performs exceptionally when it comes to gaming, and we love gaming! so overall we are very impressed.

Currently, the increase of mechanical keyboards being produced has resulted in a slight drop in price, which means the CM Storm QuickFire Pro is priced at approximately £77, which considering the amount of features and the superb build quality, we find to be very reasonable, so for this reason and the flawless gaming performance we are awarding the CM Storm QuickFire Pro with the: