CM Storm Quick Fire XTi Mechanical Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts


As this keyboard has only just been revealed, it’s not available in stores at the time of writing. Retailers should start taking pre-orders soon and you should expect prices to be closer to the MSRP of £139.99.


So many keyboards come and go, but very few of them are memorable. Fortunately for Cooler Master, the CM Storm Quick Fire XTi is far from forgettable. The first thing that really stands out about this keyboard is the build quality. Of course, anyone who’s handled a CM Storm mechanical keyboard in the past will know their build quality is always durable, so I’m happy to see the XTi doesn’t disappoint in this respect. Little add-ons also boost the quality of the package, such as the key cap removal tool, a removable braided cable and Cherry MX switches.

The design is pretty much what you would expect, for the most part, it’s a full-size keyboard and that’s what you get. Of course, minor refinements are what set each product and brand apart and I love the slim chassis around the edge of the keyboard. The backlighting is sublime, while I’m sure some people would love full RGB, RB is perfect for me, as I generally set mine to purple and just least it there anyway, although your preference will no doubt vary. What does stand out is how bright, clear and uniform the lighting is, it looks incredible even in a bright lit room. Being able to turn any key to any of the available colours is nice too, perfect for laying out gaming profiles or highlighting your macro keys. Then we have the fact that absolutely everything can be configured directly on the keyboard, eliminating the need for additional software and storing all your macros and lighting functions onboard, meaning they go wherever your keyboard goes.

Performance is exactly what you would expect, this is a premium grade mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, if you’ve used the same switches before, you know exactly what you’re going to get, flawless performance and uniform actuation and response from every key for years to come. Gaming, working, typing, playing QWOP, it just doesn’t matter, the keyboard puts a big smile on your face and feels great under your fingertips.


  • Exceptional build quality
  • Durable design
  • All functions can be configured directly on the keyboard
  • Stunning and vivid lighting
  • Per-key lighting with effects
  • Detachable braided cable
  • Key-cap puller included


  • None


  • The price is high, but other than your own personal budget, I see no issues with paying for premium quality

“The CM Storm Quick Fire XTi Another welcome addition to the mechanical keyboard market, bringing some of the best build quality, performance and lighting available today; highly recommended!”

CM Storm Quick Fire XTi Review

Thank you CM Storm for providing us with this sample.