CM Storm NovaTouch TKL Topre Switch Keyboard Review


Performance on this keyboard has to be 100% stunning, at this price range there is no other acceptable level that I could tolerate. Fortunately, it doesn’t disappoint. The Topre switches are obviously the major selling point here and given that they’re manufactured by Topre, rather than Cooler Master’s own interpretation of the technology, you can rest assured that you’re going to get the premium quality we’ve come to expect from Topre switches. Of course, this will only hold true for anyone who has tried a Topre switch before, which is unlikely given that they’re still quite a rarity.

The typing actuation is really slick on these switches. They require 45g of force and travel 4mm (without O-Rings installed). It does still have some of the feel of a Cherry mechanical switch, if anything it’s like a blend of MX Red and MX Black, but at the same time it’s nothing like either. The switches are a lot smoother and have a perfectly linear action, they don’t bottom out on the chassis of the keyboard either. There’s no clank as the key bottoms out, but you still get a nice bump that gives the key a quick sprung return; thisis great for firing off rapid keystrokes when touch typing or playing StarCraft II.

Gaming performance, typing performance, general day to day use,  they’re all the same on this keyboard, a wonderful typing experience from start to finish. The keys certainly feel unique and after a few days of extensive typing, my fingers feel far more rested than they normally do from my usual favourite switch of choice, MX Black.

The keys are a little noisy, as is the case with most mechanical-style keyboards, even more so when compared to membrane switches. The O-Ring mods are a welcome addition, but they only shave off 2 dBa from the overall noise levels; but if you need them, every little helps.

There are no extra software features here, so don’t expect crazy macro recording, shortcut keys or any of that nonsense. What we have here is a pretty basic keyboard don’t incredibly well; nothing more, nothing less.