CM Storm Alcor Optical Gaming Mouse Review


The Alcor has proven to be a very popular mouse in recent months, when it launched alongside the Mizar we opted to put the Mizar to the test, so it only seemed right that we should follow-up with its brother, the Alcor, for our latest review. Both the mice are named after stars, hence the space-themed promotional video below; pretty cool.

The Alcor offers all the usual features you would expect from a mid-budget gaming mouse. It’s got on the fly DPI adjustments, an ergonomic design for right-handed use, a 4000 DPI Avago 3090 optical sensor and customizable LED lighting; not bad for a mouse that only costs around £30 from most major retailers.

The Alcor comes hard-wired with a gold-plated USB cable, nothing fancy, but it’ll certainly do the job.

Down the left side, you’ll find a pair of switches for back/forward navigation. The switches here are nice and responsive, without being so light that you would trigger them accidentally.

The left side of the mouse is curved inwards, giving you a good thumb rest and extra grip.

There’s nothing notable on the right side of the Alcor, but you can see the swollen shape that should provide you with a comfortable hand position for both palm rest and craw grip play-styles.

In the centre, there are two switches for DPI adjustments, as well as a nice quality scroll wheel with  rubber grip coating for extra control.

Both the left and right mouse buttons are a good size, with a very low front at the end of the mouse; this allows your fingers to curl downwards and could help reduce hand strain.

Around the back, a small CM Storm logo with four colour LED back-lighting.

There are only four small slipmats on the base, but the mouse is very light, so it should still glide very well.

A quick test on the CM Storm Swift-RX mouse pad, it does indeed glide very well!