CM Storm Alcor Optical Gaming Mouse Review


The CM Storm Alcor is a really nice mouse to use. The ergonomics are very comfortable, even for my large hands and while the shape doesn’t suit a lift-off technique, it’s perfectly good for palm-rest and claw grip use.

The Alcor isn’t packed with extra features and macros, but what is here is nicely designed and functional, making it just as adept at day-to-day office work, as it is playing a few rounds of Counter-Strike, Minecraft, or whatever takes your fancy. What really interests me is the sensor performance, as the Alcor performed exceptionally well throughout each of my tests. Virtually no jitter or angle snapping and the mouse is very easy to control accurately, even at high DPI settings. I have no doubt this is a great mouse for both gaming and even for professional work in editing software such as Photoshop.

The Mouse comes with the following pre-set DPI settings, but you can re-flash the firmware with one of several on the CM Storm website, allowing you to best tune the Alcor to your own needs.