Club3D SenseVision MST Hub CSV-5300 Review

Packaging and Contents

The Club3D SenseVision MST Hub comes in quite a large box. The main selling point is the ability to expand your DisplayPort Output to 3 displays with that guaranteed to be at least three 1080p displays, but potentially as high as two 1080p displays and a 1600p display if you have DP 1.2 MST compatible ports.

The back details those key features we discussed on the previous page. It points out the battery of Club3D adapters available for you to convert your monitors and their cables into DisplayPort. For example most triple 1080p set-ups will use mainly DVI and HDMI monitors so you would need the appropriate adapters to convert the outputs for your monitors.

Inside the box we find the Club3D MST Hub looking rather fancy.

Included with it is a user guide and power cable for the power brick.

Despite only needing a tiny amount of power for its active adapter and conversion, around 3.5 watts, the device does have a rather large and cumbersome power brick but Club3D have told us they are developing alternative methods of powering such as USB.