CIA Director Hacker Reportedly a 13-Year-Old Stoner

Yesterday, we brought you news that CIA Director John Brennan (pictured) was the victim of a hack, with the attackers gaining access to the AOL account he used to share confidential, work-related details. It has now emerged that the hackers taking credit for the attack are two 13-year-old, pro-Palestine stoner boys, who together form the “hacker group” CWA (Crackas With Attitude).

In a series of instant messages with Gawker’s Sam Biddle, one of the hackers said “Me and phphax know each other irl, most of our school and grade are smokers and stoners, so i mean it just kind of describes us in away…I dont find it insulting in anyway. [sic]”. When asked about the hack, he added, “since only 13 i am pretty hype about it.”

The Twitter account that purportedly belongs to one of the hackers, @phphax, has been posting taunting tweets aimed at the CIA for the last couple of days.

But he now claims that he himself was not responsible, saying only that “CWA as a whole” pulled off the attack:

How true the claims that the hackers are 13-year-old, pot-smoking, High School kids are is anyone’s guess. I suppose, if the CWA member do “get raided”, we’ll find out for sure.

Image courtesy of New York Post.