Choose Your Own Adventure, Now Playable on Twitter

The Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) and Fighting Fantasy books were childhood staples during the Eighties, an early yet gripping example of interactive fiction in which the reader was an active participant in the story, guiding the protagonist based on a selection of choices at the foot of each page.

Though, in a world of video games, this form of storytelling has fallen out of fashion, a handful of aficionados have resurrected the form on Twitter as a kind of hypertext story. The most notable example on the social network is a short CYOA story called A dreadful start, written by Terence Eden:

For anyone interested in engaging with Eden’s story, the above tweet is the starting point. Decide to ‘Run’ or ‘Hide’, and click on the link for the appropriate Twitter handle.

Eden created the story using hypertext fiction creation tool Inklewriter.

Source: The Next Web