Chinese Employees Protest Microsoft’s Mass Layoffs

Hundreds of employees from Microsoft’s Nokia division protested with banners and shouted slogans against Microsoft’s recently announced layoffs. Up to 12.500 of the 18.000 people that will be let go come from the Nokia division, so it is no surprise that they are unhappy.

Protesters held banners and shouted slogans against “Microsoft’s hostile takeover and violent layoffs” for five hours until “they had sore throats,” said the employee who participated in the demonstration and so declined to be identified.

The protesters would convene on Friday afternoon, today, to present and discuss their demands with the company. The protests took place at a Beijing research center and factory employing 2,400 people.

This is just the latest in a string of troubles for the U.S. software giant in China, only this week four Microsoft offices were raided by Chinese authorities as part of an ongoing anti-monopoly investigation.

Thank you Reuters for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of IT News