China to Release its own Operating System

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State-run Xinhua news agency has reported that China may have their very own developed operating system by this October. China isn’t the first place to take on this kind of task either – Northern Korea already has one of their own.

In a country that already heavily controls its populations use of social media and other various websites, it’s obvious that China takes their technology policing seriously.

Ni Guangnan is leading this software development alliance which was established in March 2014. He’s told Xinhua news that this operating system is originally being developed for desktop computers, with a mobile version to be released at a later date. Ni also commented that there are still problems with the software, including a lack of research funds and too many developers all wanting it their way.

Ni commented:

“China has more than a dozen mobile OS developers with no independent intellectual property rights because their research is based on Android” Xinhua news

He also mentioned that the end of Windows XP and the Chinese government ban on Windows 8 means the door has been opened for local development studios to have a shot.

In closing comments, Ni said:

“Our key to success lies in an environment that can help us compete with Google, Apple and Microsoft” Xinhua news

What do you think this means for the Chinese population? Is is going to provide a valid alternative to what is currently on offer, or is this a way for its population to be heavily restricted and monitored?

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