China And U.S. To Discuss Cyber Attacks

When you use a computer that is connected to the internet, you leave a digital footprint wherever you might go. Even if it just notates your IP address. For the most part it isn’t a big deal for someone to leave their digital footprint, unless they are doing something that is breaking the law. Recently the United States has been being infiltrated by Chinese hackers, taking advantage of vulnerabilities in government computer systems.

The hackers are not hacking into systems and gaining access to simple records, or systems, but rather military systems which contain classified data. These Chinese hackers have been able to access more than twenty four weapon systems such as military aircraft. Though this is not a new topic, it is something that does need to be addressed.
Cyber security is important for any organization, and when your organization is an entire country it should be a top concern, U.S. President Obama will be meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in California next week and he will address the issue when the two leaders meet. Unfortunately, Obama’s is unable to stop these attacks on his own, he will need the help of the Chinese. If Obama presses the issue too strongly, the Chinese could take his diplomacy as a threat and could cause issues with importing and exporting within China’s borders.

We can only hope that these discussions go smoothly, and hopefully put a stop to these cyber attacks.