Chillblast Fusion Master Skylake Gaming PC Review

CPU & Memory Performance

Cinebench R15

Rather surprisingly, the lower clocked PC Specialist Azure achieved higher CPU and OpenGL scores. I’m not entirely what the root cause of this is, but it’s not a huge margin and enough to become overly concerned about. As you can see from the figures below, the i7 6700K in this particular review system surpasses other lower-end products but falls behind enthusiast X99 CPUs. This is expected though in such a multi-threaded benchmark.

Super Pi

Super Pi judges a system’s single-threaded performance and the Fusion Master Skylake achieved a very respectful time of 06:58. Once again, this is behind the PC Specialist Azure despite utilizing the same chipset and higher frequency. To reiterate, this shouldn’t detract from the system’s superb single-threaded results and emphasizes how powerful the Skylake architecture is.

AIDA64 Engineer

In terms of memory bandwidth, the Fusion Master Skylake features better copy speeds than the PC Specialist Azure but has slightly worse read/write rates. The difference is fairly negligible and doesn’t impact on real world performance. Nevertheless, the memory performance is pretty decent and helped by ultra-fast DDR4 speeds.