Chillblast Fusion Master Skylake Gaming PC Review

Synthetic Benchmarks

PC Mark 8

The Fusion Master Skylake’s performance in PC Mark 8 is excellent and shows how easily the system can cope with basic, daily tasks. While it comes in 3rd place, it’s impossible to tell the difference without using a synthetic benchmark. Rest assured, the i7 6700K and GTX 980 is a potent combination and provides an elite level of performance in any benchmark.


In terms of graphical prowess, the Fusion Master Skylake exceeds the other GTX 980-powered systems we’ve reviewed and compares admirably to the higher end NVIDIA graphics cards. The 980Ti offers a significant boost in theoretical performance but incurs a £100-150 price premium.

Unigine Heaven

A similar pattern applies throughout the testing in Heaven 4.0 as the 980Ti and Titan X take a substantial lead. However, that’s not to say the raw numbers are disappointing and expected given the GTX 980’s capabilities. For the average gamer, scores in synthetic benchmarks won’t be a cause for concern.