Child Predator Caught after 14 Years on the run by Facial Recognition Software

BUSTED! A massive win for facial recognition software as it has helped catch a convicted child sex offender that has been on the run for 14 years! Neil Stammer was accused of sex crimes involving a child as well as kidnapping and other charges in New Mexico back in 2000. Stammer was released on bond and then went on the run and has been ever since, until now that is. Facial recognition technology was used on this photograph of him that was taken back in 1999 by the Diplomatic Security Service, facial recognition technology was being used by the DSS to crack down on fake US passports. The original photograph was scanned and checked though the DSS system and it found a match. 

Keven Hodges was the man who’s name appeared on the system, turns out this has been the name Neil Stammer has been using whilst living in Nepal, whilst teaching English to, you guessed it, small children. Sick bastard, enjoy prison!

Thanks to Tweaktown for supplying us with this information

Image courtesy of Tweaktown.