Cherry Introduced New KC1086 Keyboard With IP68 Protection

CHERRY is a well-known name in the peripherals business and doesn’t need an introduction as such, but their new keyboard deserves one. The new model is named KC 1068 and it is designed for e-health market and anyone else concerned about bacteria and it was developed according to the highest hygiene requirements. It comes with IP68-certification and it has been protected against pathogens or contaminants that may cause infections and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. The new IP68-keyboard will also be presented live at the healthcare IT fair conhIT 2015 in Berlin.

The high-quality welded protective cover provides a high degree of resistance to liquids, cleaning solutions and most common used disinfectants. It can even withstand long-term immersion in up to one meter of water and those features are all part of the IP68-certification. Further, the keyboard has smooth surfaces and no depression or edges where dirt and bacteria can hide.

A hygienic keyboard isn’t everything, it also has to have great typing comfort and longevity, and the KC 1068 has both. The keys feature tactile feedback while the whisper keystroke technology ensures a quiet operation. The keys have a lifespan of up to 10 million key presses and an average operation time of over 80 thousand hours. With those figures and the above features, you know you have a keyboard that will work a long time.

The CHERRY KC 1068 USB Keyboard is available for sale immediately at a suggested retail price of €69.90. CHERRY released both a white and a black version, so the choice is yours which fits your setup.