Check Out the Windows 10 Packaging Boxes

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Windows 10 USB Box

With the launch of Windows 10 later this month, more and more information about Microsoft’s upcoming OS is appearing. Today we have been gifted with some images that show the box art for Windows 10. This time around, the OS will be available on both DVD and USB installation media for the first time. Above, you can see the box art for the USB media with purple being the Pro version while blue is for Home. This is a change from the previous blue for Pro and green for Home that prior releases had adhered to.

For the DVD box art, a detailed depiction of the OS desktop is front and center. It seems Microsoft made pains to ensure that the much-missed Start Menu features front and center. Once again Pro gets a striking purple while Home is blue. Given the relative rarity of DVD drives in PCs and the rolling release style of Windows 10, this may be the last time we will ever see DVD media being sold. In fact, the USB installation media might also fall by the wayside as more and more users create their own installation media and USBs from downloadable ISOs. Be sure to follow our Windows 10 coverage here as we near the release date.

Windows 10 Home DVD

Windows 10 Pro DVD

Images Courtesy of Microsoft Insider

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  • Avatar charley machicote says:

    its whats in the box that counts so far so good have had beta for several months now no problem that were not fixed quickly

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