Check Out These Retrotastic Prototypes For Many of Today’s Top Gadgets


Companies like Apple, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are name to many of the biggest gadgets we use on a daily basis, but they all had to start somewhere. The first prototypes these companies made may now be sleek and well refined products, but their original incarnations were anything but. Just look at the first ever mobile phone created by Motorola (above), it weighed nearly 5lbs and was nothing short of massive!

Apple may not have based their iPhone from this model, but even back in 1984 they were on the right track for creating a touch screen phone device.

And they tried again between 1984 and 1990, although I think it is safe to say that these devices didn’t take off as well as their current product ranges.

This is one of my favourite bits of gaming trivia that I know very well, the Sony PlayStation was in fact a product built for Nintendo, effectively intended to be a CD-Rom based upgrade to the SNES. A bitter business deal later and Sony went solo, and they’ve likely never looked back since.

The original Xbox was actually X shaped. Although admittedly this was just a snazzy design for showing off the hardware, which is a good thing, just look at how deep that box is! Hardly TV stand friendly, that’s for sure.

And lets not forget the more recent prototype for the Wii U controller, amazing what you can do with a bit of super glue and a screw driver!

Thank you ShowTechn for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Showtechn.