Check Out These Incredible Skyrim Character Mods

The Elder Scrolls series draws in modders like no other game, the development community is still working hard on pushing the limits of Morrowind, and that games has been out for twelve years, so just imagine how much further people intend to develop for Skyrim and what that will look like in another nine or ten years time!

One thing is for certain, despite only having three years to work on Skyrim, modders are really pushing the limit of what is possible. I haven’t played Skyrim in over a year, when I had loads of mods installed and the game looked nothing like the original, almost every detail had been tweaked. Now after recently re-installing my copy of the game and dumping about 50 updated and new mods on to it, compared to a year ago I can safely say it looks significantly improved, now with this new wave of mods that level of detail is about to go even higher.

We don’t have a full run down of every mod used here, as it’s likely that many environment and ENB tweaks have been used to get awesome screenshots. However, if you head on over to SkyrimNexus and ENBSeries to check out the work of pastrana, WorshipTheSatan, LucidAPs, LiaN82, forbeatn, Insomnia, Dinkledorf, xmacrosx, VictoriaG, XiNAVRO, bmagno20, ShinglesCat, jesusoden and zzjay, then you should be able to achieve similar results to the images below, enjoy!

Thank you DSO for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of DSO.