Steam Offers Great Deals On Borderlands And Dead Rising Series

Normally it gets to a weekend you have to find which games you need to complete to “tick” them off your list of purchased but not played games? I’m sorry to do this but I might be adding to that list as Steam is offering great deals on both the borderlands and dead rising series of games.

When I say great deals I am talking about up to 80% off Borderlands games and 70% off all Dead Rising games and DLC’s.

Are you a fan of the Borderlands games? Only managed to play one so far? With the originally only costing £2.49 and the sequel setting you back £4.99, you really have no excuse to not enjoy the games. Feel like you need more? Then get the Game of the year editions containing all their explosive DLC’s and then you can grab the pre-sequel. If you own both 1 and 2 and was waiting for a good time to get the pre-sequel, then wait no longer as you can get the triple pack (all three games) with the price discounted based on how many you already own (it cost me £3.49 to get the pre-sequel as I own both 1 and 2).

Feel like a little more mayhem then why not try out the dead rising pack? Featuring both Dead Rising 2 (and its many DLC’s) and Dead Rising 3 (Apocalypse Edition), you can now enjoy that Friday night zombie feeling with a friend. Costing you only £4,49 for Dead Rising 2 and £11.99 for Dead Rising 3, you can grab both and all the DLC available for Dead Rising 2 for just £20.99.

Treat yourself and enjoy the weekend.

Amazon to Remove Lumberyard Restrictions in Event of a Zombie Outbreak

Amazon recently announced their powerful Lumberyard game engine yesterday. Packing a number of powerful features building on the CryEngine, it is also completely free for developers to use, with the only costs occurring should the developer wish to make use of any cloud services provided by Amazon. Of course, such a tool wouldn’t be released without any controls on its use, whether to protect Amazon’s interests or otherwise.

Checking the small print reveals that Amazon has placed restrictions on the acceptable use of the Lumberyard game engine. Contained in clause 57.10 of the AWS Service terms, it is stated that “The Lumberyard Materials are not intended for use with life-critical or safety-critical systems, such as use in operation of medical equipment, automated transportation systems, autonomous vehicles, aircraft or air traffic control, nuclear facilities, manned spacecraft, or military use in connection with live combat.”

Seems pretty sensible, after all using a game engine for many of those purposes would be foolhardy and potentially dangerous. However, should humanity be at risk of a zombie invasion with naught but a game engine to save themselves, Amazon have us covered in the second half of the clause.

“this restriction will not apply in the event of the occurrence (certified by the United States Centers for Disease Control or successor body) of a widespread viral infection transmitted via bites or contact with bodily fluids that causes human corpses to reanimate and seek to consume living human flesh, blood, brain or nerve tissue and is likely to result in the fall of organized civilization.”

Very niche case for allowing deviation from the terms and conditions, but it’s nice to see Amazon have both humanity’s best interests (and humour) in mind when providing their service. Makes you wonder what other hidden gems are contained within the countless T&C documents that exist for services both online and in reality.

Fictional Weapons Come To Life As Boomerangs

You load up that new game or sit down to the latest movie and suddenly all you notice is the high-tech gadgets and weapons they seem to pull out of every nook and crevice. From Batmans Batarang to the pickaxe from Minecraft, you’ve seen them all. You’ve never seen them in real life, which is about to change as Victor Poulin has created a series of fictional weapons as boomerangs.

Poulin is from the group Boomerangs by Vic. Not only did he dream it but he has created not just one or two but six boomerangs based on film and video game weapons. If that wasn’t cool enough, he has a little video to show you that no only do they look awesome they also all work.

From the Batarang to the Pickaxe Poulin has used “the best 10inch birch on the market” to create six weapons that if someone throws at you, you should really have started running away a long time ago.

Showing honour to not only the classic boomerang designs, like Sokka’s boomerang from Avatar the Last Airbender but the more uniquely shaped weapons like Minecraft’s pickaxe and even the tomahawk from Black Op’s 2 Zombies.

I know that if push ever comes to shove, these weapons are something I’d rather be using than facing. If you could see one weapon from a video game or movie come alive as a boomerang, what would you choose?

Evolve Ultimate Edition Coming to Xbox One And PlayStation 4

There was a great deal of hype surrounding Evolve’s release as fans expected a similar experience to Turtle Rock Studios’ iconic shooter, Left 4 Dead. Sadly, Evolve’s player base is almost non-existent as the community became disgusted by the huge array of cosmetic day 1 DLC. The studio massively underestimated the backlash to these microtransactions and hoped to entice players with enthralling co-op gameplay. Putting the terrible business model aside, Evolve didn’t offer anything unique and relied on its multiplayer focus to keep people entertained.

Given the game’s torrid state, it seems the developer is trying to relaunch and gain back fans with an ultimate edition. 2K has confirmed the new edition will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but there’s no word about a PC version. The game will retail for $60, which is very steep considering the standard version was recently on sale for a mere $4.99 from the Xbox storefront. Even more absurd, the ultimate edition doesn’t contain every piece of DLC. This shows they haven’t learnt anything from the dwindling user base and reasons why Evolve has become a failure. While it did quite well commercially early on, most people have moved onto something else and the game has a poor reputation.

October Is Back – Let the Halloween Inspired Events Begin!

October is well-known for one thing these days. Halloween. With it comes all kinds of spooky sales and events so this year we’ve decided to give you an outline about some of the events you can do for Halloween.

First comes the video game sales, which we know come every year. Currently, the Humble store has a sale on for all of your undead needs. With games like Dying Light for £24 and the Dead Island franchise pack for 80% off for Dead Island 1 and 2 (including DLC) costing you only £5, there are deals to be had. Secondly the event that all PC gamers fear, the dreaded Steam sales. While their dates are not released early, we’ve had enough in recent years to be able to predict (with some accuracy), to the point where starting from the 29th October you can expect Steam to warn you about their great deals till the first of November.

If you don’t feel up for living with the horror, why not sit back with some friends and watch a film instead? It should be noted that all release dates we mention are subject to change, but let’s get on with the fun stuff.

First the big date. October 16th. How many people have forgotten about this movie? I will sadly admit I had, but Jack Black plans to grace our screens yet again with a children’s classic. Goosebumps. Is that enough said?  Well if not, with comparisons being made to Jumanji it looks to both scare and excite us like the classic R.L Stine books and tv series once did. If you are interested, you can find the trailer beneath, or save your excitement up for the 16th.

Next up is October 23rd. Vin Diesel is back, not as a talking tree but this time as an Immortal Dungeons and Dragons character. No, I’m being honestly serious, his new character is based off his love for D&D. The Last Witchhunter sees Vin Diesel chasing down all manners of nightmarish creatures, with everything from a beard to a flaming sword. Again, the trailer is beneath but be warned, it contains scenes of immense action and coolness.

Do you have any ideas or activities that you like to do over Halloween? Feel free to share in the comments below.

COD Black Ops III Single Player Not Coming to PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360

Activision has announced in a community post, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops III will not include the single player campaign. This decision was made due to the last-generation consoles technical limitations. However, Activision didn’t delve into great deal what caused the setbacks and simply said:

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a truly next-generation experience designed from day one to harness the full potential of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Black Ops 3 pushes the boundaries of the franchise to new levels across all modes of play on next generation hardware.”

“As we announced back in June, we know that there are still fans waiting to make the switch to the newest console hardware and developers Beenox and Mercenary Technology have been working tirelessly to bring as much of the Black Ops 3 gameplay as possible to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.”

“The Black Ops 3 PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will feature Multiplayer and Zombies gameplay only, not Campaign. The ambitious scope of the 1-4 player coop Campaign design of the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions could not be faithfully recreated on old generation hardware.”

One theory is, the Xbox 360 uses DVD-9 disks  which doesn’t contain adequate storage for large voice files and video cutscenes. Obviously, Activision could have used multiple disks and forced users to install the game. Clearly, Call of Duty players obsess on the multiplayer aspect and rarely play the single player campaign. Furthermore, the game will include the highly-popular zombies mode. Therefore, it does seem like the only mode being omitted is with large audio/video files. Honestly, I’m sure Activision could have found a solution but probably believes the time investment wasn’t worth it.

The news is a shame for those on last-generation consoles who enjoy the single player aspect. However, this is a very niche sector of the market.

Image courtesy of GeekSnack.

Trailer for Resident Evil 0 HD Released

We live in a world of zombies, they are the reanimation of old dead entities. Much like the long list of games that are being remastered, remade, enhanced, redone and fixed. There is no escape from them. I get the reason that publishers do this, money. They make more profit from ‘tarting’ up an already established game than creating one from scratch; easy money.

Although my statement above sounds negative and full of criticism, I am all for a good re-release of an old game. Even though I don’t believe that graphics is the be all and end all of a good video game, there are games I used to love that I cannot play anymore due to the poor visuals.

So as an ‘anything-zombie’ fan, I welcome another one of the Resident Evil franchise being remade. This time it’s a return to the origins of the series in an HD remaster of the 2002 original, Resident Evil 0.

Let us know if you will be enjoying the HD goodness of this when the game is released on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in early 2016.

Here are the new trailer and some gorgeously gloomy screenshots.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III Details Leaked

Another year, another predictable entry in the modern history of computer games, a new Call of Duty is on the way! Now, that obviously comes as absolutely no shock to anyone who’s even played an FPS in the last decade or so, but what is interesting is that the game is expected to have a Beta; a first in the game’s history.

The new Call of Duty is expected to be out in November, not counting any delays of course. Although, no offence to most developers, but I’d expect this game to launch broken rather than miss that important Christmas release window, but that’s just my two cents on the matter.

Those who pre-order the game can expect access to the Beta on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC; no details have been mentioned in regards to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, but it’s safe to expect a version will be released on these formats. Interestingly, the leaked information states that “actual platform availability and launch date(s) to be determined.” So that does hint that even the already mentioned formats are subject to change, perhaps a possible timed exclusive at launch?

According to the leaked information, which is believed to be handed out to GameStop staff, details a co-op campaign, multiplayer, a new movement system and no doubt most entertaining of all, the latest Zombies mode.

Excited, or have you become weary and tired of the franchise?

WarZ Gets A Name Change Now Infestation: Survivor Stories

Steam had a sale a few days ago for a game called WarZ. A survival based MMO where a zombie outbreak has occurred. Currently there is only one map, which is based in Colorado. With virtually no storyline or back story whatsoever, all we know is that we are five years into the future after a zombie apocalypse. This viral outbreak destroyed 95% of the world’s population, and now you must survive at all costs. Scavenging for supplies, and even defending yourself from other players. You are able to join a clan and work as a team in order to survive. You have the opportunity to survive the long haul or die a horrible death.

Yesterday the game was known as WarZ, today the game is known as Infestation: Survivor Stories. The original name has been changed to prevent legal proceedings, most likely because of some confusion that may have been between WarZ and DayZ, both games being post apocalyptic games, where you must survive a zombie outbreak, which includes PVP, and scavenging.

I bought the game recently, because it was on sale for only $3.74 a decent deal I thought, so I picked up the game, knowing very little about the game itself, I was not sure what I would do. Getting into the game you are able to create up to characters, each one starting out with a flashlight for a weapon, to bash zombies in the head, some bandages for healing yourself, food, and water. I started out near Norad Military Base, worked my way over there figuring I would be able to find myself a small weapons cache, perhaps even find a safe place to keep my belongings. Once I reached the base I found that it was overrun by zombies and was soon killed. I started my second character, and made my way over to Frosty Pines resort town, a small town in which I was able to find a couple of weapons. I continued on for a little while and was able to make my way to Glenwood Springs, which some say is where the zombie outbreak may have started. After losing my second character to zombies and not seeing a single soul, I hit the forums up to attempt to learn some more about the game. Finding that there are clans, and some really helpful people.

Rule Number One: Trust No One!

I found a few clan applications, in which I was able to find a helpful clan, I was told to make 4 characters and move them all to Clearview which is a main hub for PVP and gearing up. My clan mates geared me up, gave me a personal locker to store my belongings, and took me out PVPing, though I usually die quickly from the lack of survival skills on the servers, standing out in the open is not a good idea. I still have a lack of good gear, though I have been geared up several times.

My conclusion is that this is an interesting game, it is considered an MMO though there is a maximum of 100 characters per server at any given time, preventing a nice MMO environment, though I found the game to be entertaining it has a beta feel to it, with some major glitches, and lots of hackers. The game does feature Punkbuster, unfortunately it is unable to catch all of the people who are hacking, and botting. The PVP environment is interesting, giving you an urban feel, with the risk of being killed by zombies at the same time if you are not careful enough. You are able to easily find clans via the forums, though some want to get a little too personal. I would recommend trying out this game if you get it on sale, if you can, as this game also has a Free to Play feel to it, offering you the opportunity to purchase some of the content through a real money store. The items are fairly inexpensive.

The game retails for $15 on any normal day, though it may go on sale for the Steam Summer Sale here in the coming weeks.

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