The Youxia X Is a New Electric Super Sedan From China

There is a new electric super sedan coming to the market soon and it is quite an impressive one at that. The unknown Chinese startup Youxia Motors announced its first ever production car and it is an all-electric one set to compete with Tesla’s Model 3.

The Youxia X is by far one of the best looking cars to come from China so far and the pure origin is pretty impressive. The man behind this new electric car is the just 28-.year old Huang Xiuyuan who literally dreamed the car and then decided that it had to become a reality. The name of both the car and company is the Chinese name for the 80s TV series Knight Rider and Huang Xiuyuan is a proud fan of the show.

The power comes from an electric motor with 348hp and 440nm, and range is 460 kilometer. The production is scheduled to begin in late 2016 by a new Shanghai-based company called Youxia Motors.

The rear is a little piece of art, and yes I am talking about the car as pink shoes ain’t really my thing anyway. The subtle rear wing integrated with the sleek-looking lights make it look sporty and stylish at once

The front is equally great looking and the built-in screen of course allows for the classic red Knight Rider glow. Overall it is an amazing looking car and one I wouldn’t mind being seen in.

The inside is kept a lot in the same style as you’ll find in a Tesla, but that’s pretty much a given for what it is. There’s only so many ways you can do it if it has to work properly. A large vertical screen in the middle as well as a direct front display for speed and status.

Electric cars don’t really make any noise and that’s not to everyone’s liking. The Youxia X comes with several different engine sounds such as Ferrari to be played.

The price will range from 200.000 to 300.000 yuan ($32.000 – 48.000). Surprisingly cheap for such a big car but the amount includes the entire 90.000 yuan green-car subsidy of the Chinese government. Youxia says this price will set up the X for competition with the upcoming Tesla Model 3

The front display can also be used to display other funny things as seen on the photos below.

Thank You CarNewsChina for providing us with this information