Users Have Sent More than 100 Million Yo’s

What started out as one of the most ridiculous apps on the market, Yo, seems to be very popular with it’s users. Combined the users have sent over 100.000.000 Yo’s to each other by now. Yo said in a statement to Mashable that they had over 2.7 million registered users and 1.2 million of them are monthly active.

The app first gained major attention when it was reported by Financial Times back in July that investors had put $1 million into the app. At this time the app only let users send the word Yo to each other. This however seemed enough to both gain the large user-base as well as financial backing from investors. The company managed to pull in a total of $1.5 million and is now valued around $10 million. A lot for what it is.

Yo launched a dedicated live-site towards the 100 million countdown, but the counter froze once that was achieved. Last month Yo updated it’s limited app with some more function, seems sending a Yo wasn’t enough. Now users can attach links to their messages and also receive notifications from apps and websites as well as send hash-tagged messages.

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Yo Lineup Service Lets Doctors’ Offices and Restaurants Handle Queues

The one-word messaging app by the name of Yo appears to constantly add new services. A while back, the Yo app launched a service that lets you know about missile strikes in Israel. Now, the app has launched another service which lets doctors’ offices and restaurants handle queues.

“We got an inquiry from a doctors’ office in Miami that read about our restaurant solution and wanted the same,” Or Arbel, founder of Yo, has stated in an email.

They released the Yo Lineup service shortly after, granting people in waiting rooms and restaurant lobbies a way to get Yo’d when they are next in line.

Users who want to try this should know that both the client and the restaurant and/or doctor’s office need to have the Yo app and an account on the Yo Lineup service for it to work. However, the sign-up and download is fairly simple, easy and quick. Yo claims that the service as even been tried 2 million times already.

Yo has also confirmed a figure of $1.5 million in funding this month, but is constantly battling Yo wanna-be apps that keep popping up on the AppStore. Yolo is one of them, having Arbel asking Apple to take it down.

“Yo spawned many clones; though most of the clones offer something slightly different, some of them are a complete replication of the Yo app,” Arbel said. “Even the App Store description was copied word by word. We value creativity and we are in a free market; improving upon our concept is welcomed, copying us bit-by-bit isn’t.”

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Someone Actually Found A Good Use For “Yo” App

For an app that was created as a joke, even going as far as to be launched on the 1st of April, “Yo” has proven to be quite the sensation, albeit a rather random one. The app allows you to say just one word to your friends, “yo”, to which they can only reply the same. It’s a simple way of just grabbing someone’s attention, but a pretty shallow one too as there isn’t much else to it than that.

What is really special is how people are using this simple app to do some good in this world. Developers in the Middle East are now using the app to warn others about possible attacks from rocket fire.

By following “RedAlertIsrael”, locals will get a “Yo” at the same time the country’s sirens go off, hopefully giving people a heads up that an attack could be on the way and allowing them to get to safety much sooner, potentially saving lives and in fact, it may have saved a few already.

What started out as a joke has quickly become a vital component of peoples life in the Middle East and who knows what other uses people have found for this simple, one word application.

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YO App Used for Notifying People About Missile Strikes in Israel

Increasingly popular social media application, Yo, the application which lets you say ‘YO’ to another friend may seem ridiculous to some smartphone users, but in fact it is apparently used for more complicated things than just ‘yo-ing’ around.

The Times of Israel apparently has stated that some developers are now using Yo as a means of notifying people when terrorist attacks are happening in the country. It is said that the notification will be triggered on all devices using the Yo app and are subscribed to the Red Alert: Israel group.

For those who use Red Alert to stay notifying of such activities probably know that the group even has their own standalone application which sends more detailed push notification about the same type of terrorism activities happening in the country.

Though this may seem useless given that a standalone app for Red Alert exists, it might not be for some users if other countries. The Red Alert standalone application is said to work only when you are in Israel, having a limited audience. With its partnership with the Yo application, users can now receive push notifications outside the Israeli borders, having friends and family abroad notified immediately as on the Red Alert app.

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Bizarrely Popular ‘Yo’ App Hires Hackers

If it wasn’t for the popular messaging app “Yo” being hacked, I doubt I would even know what it was, yet despite the fact that this viral app can only send the word “Yo” to your friends, to which they can also only ever reply “Yo”, the company managed to secure a million dollars in angel investments and even rose to the top of the app list (seriously, WTF).

It may have started as an April Fools just, but the company is making money regardless and after its recent hacking issues which saw a group change the words in the app and general cause chaos for its developers and users, the company is now hiring the offending hackers. They could likely have pressed charges and had them arrested, but they decided to give them a job instead, interesting.

“One of the hackers is now working with us on improving the user experience” said Or Arbel from Yo. “We are also lucky because this hack and security breach is really highlighting what Yo is, and what we are all about.” he added.

The app is completely bizarre, but if someone is making a fat profit from one word it only begs to wonder what on earth a few new staff members could really add to the team, perhaps a second word to send to your friends?

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