Social Media App Yik Yak Disabled Via Geofence On Wisconsin School Grounds

Phones in classrooms have been the bane of teachers for over a decade, further exacerbated by the advent of smartphones and social media, but a school in Wisconsin has taken a novel approach to curbing students’ online activity.

After Yik Yak – a social media app that allows user to anonymously share posts within a 1.5-mile radius – caused a stir amongst parents and teachers at Arrowhead High School, the school’s Principal, Gregg Wieczorek, ordered the app outlawed on school premises. In a letter to parents, Wieczorek wrote, “The technology support team at Arrowhead was able to create a “geofence” to disable the application within the defined borders of the school.”

Beyond that, school district Superintendant Craig Jefson is keen for online use to be policed outside of school grounds, too. “From our concern, we want to make sure parents are informed and aware,” Jefson said. “That they’re alert and looking at their child’s devices and what they’re accessing.”

The app has now been banned in numerous school districts and colleges across the US.

Source: Lake Country Now