Xilence Performance C Series CPU Cooler Review


Finding the right cooler for your system can a tricky process. Do you stick with the stock cooler that came with your processor? Unless you got an OEM one that came without a cooler of course. Do you invest a small fortune in water cooling, a high-end air cooler, AIO unit or something specialist for a low-profile build? There are a lot of options out there and quite frankly, it’s easy to forget that many coolers are complete overkill for your needs, but it’s often still nice to have a great cooler regardless.

The latest coolers from Xilence are targeted at the budget friendly end of the market, perfect for workstations, desktops and essentially any system that isn’t overclocked to high heaven. That’s not to say they’ll be incapable of running on overclocked hardware, but we’ll find that out for ourselves in a short while.

In the eTeknix office today we have the Intel-compatible I402 and the Intel and AMD compatible M403, both offer a 92mm fan, the 402 will handle up to 130W TDP (despite the typo that reads 13W in the image below) and the M403 will manage 150W TDP. So let’s jump right in and see what these coolers have to offer.

I402 Features

  • Silent hydro bearing 92mm fan
  • Two 6mm copper heat pipes for better air flow
  • Fin Design for high airflow and efficient cooling of the CPU and surrounding components
  • Slight overhang of the fan avoids hotspots
  • Possible mounting of the fan on both sides of the heat sink
  • Suitable for all current LGA 115x INTEL sockets

M403 Features

  • Silent hydro bearing 92mm fan
  • Three 6mm copper heat pipes for better heat flow
  • Fin Design for high airflow and efficient cooling of the CPU and surrounding components
  • Slight overhang of the fan avoids hotspots
  • Possible mounting of the fan on both sides of the heat sink
  • Suitable for all current AMD and INTEL sockets

Both come nicely packaged with their main specifications detailed on the front of the box.

Same around the back, with each coolers full socket support listed; nothing worse than buying something which wouldn’t be compatible with your hardware!

Since the M403 is AMD and Intel ready, you’ll find a retention bracket, for AMD, as well as a pair of screw on mounting arms with pre-fitted screws. There’s also a mounting backplate and a small tube of thermal paste.

The Intel only I402 comes with a bracket and a tube of thermal paste.

Xilence Show off Latest Coolers and PSUs @ CeBIT 2015

We are pleased to present Xilence at CeBIT 2015. A rather new brand compared to the usual enthusiast companies we all know of. The difference with Xilence, their ‘motto’ is giving what the customer needs AND what the customer wants at the best possible price. They talk directly to their consumers and produce some very good products as a result.

Their presented cooling range of upright tower coolers consist of the usual heat sink, pwm fan and direct contact copper pipes, but the price point is what really sets these apart. The 2 pipe model is claimed to cost less than 15EURO and the 3 pipe less than 20EURO. Along with the price, they claim to offer performance beating their closest competitor.

We look forward to seeing what else Xilence has to offer in the coming weeks and months. Any future news or events from Xilence, we will keep you updated.


Xilence Performance A Series 730W Non-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

During August 2013 the parent company of well-known German brand Be Quiet, Listan GmbH & Co. KG (Listan for short), announced their takeover of the German-Taiwanese brand “Xilence”. As part of the deal Listan took complete ownership of the entire Xilence portfolio and all of its trademarks. The Xilence brand now operates as a separate subsidiary company and brand under the Listan parent company. With the Xilence brand, Listan are hoping to address the mainstream and volume market segments of power supplies and cooling fans while reserving Be Quiet for more expensive and premium product offerings. The transition from its previous ownership to its new guidance and direction under Listan has now started to take effect. In mid-July Xilence presented their newest product range: the Performance A power supply Series. The main target of the Performance A Series is good quality power with competitive pricing. The Performance A series offers 430, 530, 630 and 730 watt variants with retail prices of €33.90, €37.90, €45.90 and €52.90 respectively. Today we are able to take a look at the Performance A Series 730W model and see exactly what it has to offer.

Packaging and Contents

The packaging of the Xilence brand is fairly basic reflecting the budget orientation of the product. The box points out the 80 Plus and ErP 2014 certifications. It also quite amusingly has a box stating that it is “ready for graphics cards” – well with 730W on offer I’d certainly hope so!

Around the back of the box we see the influence the new leadership has had. Just like Be Quiet, Xilence now list all the different connectors out and the lengths of each cable, good information to have especially for such a budget unit.

The included accessories are fairly basic, we find a power cable, four black screws and a brief user manual.

Xilence To Expand European Presence

After being taken over by Be Quiet’s parent company, Listan GmBH, Xilence are announcing their intentions to aggressively expand their European market positioning with low pricing and high availability. Xilence will work in partnership with Be Quiet in the European market to expand its presence by targeting the cost effective market segment.

“Our Xilence products will be offensively placed within the volume markets all over Europe. The goal is, to offer appealing products for a good price.” Stated the new CEO of the Xilence GmbH, Michael Albes.

Xilence currently offer a wide range of power supplies, CPU coolers, fans, notebook coolers, notebook chargers, cases and accessories so expect to see a lot more of these in Europe over the coming months. To assist them in their “European expansion” Xilence has a new sales team.

More details of Xilence and their products can be seen over at their website right here. Hopefully we will work with Xilence more in future as they look to reach out to European consumers.

Image courtesy of Xilence

Listan GmbH (Be Quiet’s Parent Company) Take Over Xilence Brand

Listan GmbH have taken over the well known cooling and power supply brand Xilence. Listan GmbH, better known to you and me as the company behind the Be Quiet brand, has decided to expand its portfolio by acquiring Xilence and all its trademarks. Xilence will remain an independent brand and has formed a new subsidiary Xilence GmbH as part of the deal. From August 19th the new company will take care of all Xilence brand sales.

Listan GmbH hope to use Xilence to address the mass/main-stream market hence why the brand is being kept on and not merged with the Be Quiet brand which is reserved for a more niche market segment. Listan claim the deal will see the Be Quiet and Xilence portfolios strictly separated. Listan hopes to combine the expertise of both companies to help make it a power supply and cooling super-brand.

If Be Quiet’s strong presence in the European and North American markets is anything to go by we could soon see Xilence emerge as a much bigger brand under Listan’s leadership.

Image courtesy of eTeknix composite