Sandisk X210 256GB Business Class Solid State Drive Review


When it comes to covering a whole host of market segments with various forms of flash storage, there are not that many vendors that cover everything; from the production of bare NAND right up to a full-blown SSD. Sandisk are one of the few vendors that do just that and we can’t forget that on top of the production of solid state components and drives, they also produce their own memory card, and storage components for mobile devices. Simply put, they cover the flash storage market from virtually every angle and cater for every market segment from OEM through to consumer and on to the business/ enterprise sector.

As solid state storage has developed we have been watching these drives slowly work their way into the enterprise market, replacing mechanical drives in servers to make way for far greater speeds and IOPs performance. Sticking with the business and enterprise market, there is a relatively narrow channel that divides the consumer and enterprise markets and this is filled with the prosumer and SMB user groups. For this group of users, there is the need for a drive that offers all the speed and storage capacities that we get from a mainstream consumer drive, but more importantly the IOPs performance and reliability that is found in the enterprise markets. As the SSD has matured, the market has been able to open up and this has allowed a new breed of drive that offers all the above attributes to come into place, making it ideal for both business notebook and small server environments alike.

In the past we have had a good look at the consumer level solid state drives that Sandisk has on offer; the most recent of these being the Extreme II 240GB which won our coveted Extreme Performance award and some respects, the X210 is a little like the Extreme II, with the same controller being used. To make this a business class drive though, Sandisk have made a few tweaks here and there within the firmware, with the result being far greater reliability and expected lifespan as a result of sacrificing a small amount of performance. In a market segment where lifespan and reliability is for more important than top end performance, the X210 on paper is looking good, and with one drive aimed at serving the entry-level server and business notebook environment, Sandisk aim to have the best of both worlds her with a drive that comes in at a reasonable price.

When it comes to accessories, the X210 is not generally going to come with a box full of adaptors and stickers and even our review sample came in a plain black box with nothing more than foam padding inside. All these accessories are a waste of time at this level, all the user is after is the drive and the drive alone.

Sandisk Release X210 SSD – Optimised For Data Reliability

Press Event: One of the world’s biggest manufacturers of flash storage – Sandisk, who have over 25 years of experience in the trade and now over 5000 employees on their books, have released a new SSD that is set to give the enterprise market exactly what they want – secure data but on a storage platform that is highly reliable.

Over the last few years, Sandisk have been working in the market to provide some of the most reliable drives around and as a result, they now have a 75% market share over flash based storage that is sold to the OEM sector of the market. Naturally the OEM sector is not their only focus and this leads to the enterprise sector of the market and in particular data centres. These customers of Sandisk have a specific demand for their data, they need it secure, fast and most of all on a reliable platform. This is where the new X210 comes in to play, following in the footsteps of the X110, the X210 has been firmware optimised for users who need consistent access to their data such as cloud storage providers and search engine providers.

Based around a Marvell controller, the X210 comes in capacities from 128GB right up to an industry leading 512GB, whilst still providing high random read IOPs of 85k and a sequential read speed of 505MB/s. The 19nm NAND flash that is inside these drives is backed by a 5 year warranty and with the capacity to handle over 80TB of write input, they have a longer life expectancy than the previous generation of drives. With more and more data centres and entry level server users moving over too SSD based storage, the key is finding drives that are also efficient during their lifespan and with a power consumption of <90mW, the X210 is also one of the most power efficient drives that Sandisk have in that sector.

The X210, however, is not just built for the server markets. It is also ideal for business desktop and laptop systems where time is a major factor. With both high read and write sequential speeds, low latency and a 19nm MLC NAND design, the drives are able to offer faster boot times and in the instance of users who do video editing, quicker render times as well.

The X210 series of drives are available now through Sandisk’s commercial business channels and are set to be one of the most cost effective solutions available for a rapidly growing SSD market.