Ever Wanted to Make Your Own Wood PC Case? This Guy Did!

When you start thinking about what your new computer or laptop would be made out of, you start to think about maybe some black plastic or a nice silver metal feel. That isn’t for everyone though and sometimes you just want to do something different, like make a wooden PC.

When you think of PC’s you tend to think of metal or plastic, but one clever person who goes by the name of LouisVW decided that he wanted to build something that looks little more smooth and natural. If that wasn’t enough they’ve gone so far as to post how they built it from start to finish, a process that seems to only create something both simple and beautiful.

Starting from the plywood sheet shown above the project started, by creating grooves on the sides to fit in panels at a later date and then cutting out space for four fans, two at the top and two at the bottom.

Next came controllers for the fans and lighting, with the back panel and power supply soon making the wooden box look like an actual PC. Below you can find a gallery of some of the stages the computer went through, ultimately ending in the masterpiece you see below.

What do you think? Interested in giving it a try yourself? Check out the instructions here and tell remember to share your builds with us at eTeknix.

Meet “Splinter” The 700bhp Supercar Made from Wood!

A little bit off track today with tech news, as something really caught my eye, a wooden car. No, not the type you see at soapbox races, or the kind you built as a kid. This is a fully featured, incredibly powerful super car, the kind you would expect to see from the likes of Lamborghini or Ferrari.

The Splinter Hand-Mode Wooden Car is build from as much wood as physically possible. It features a wooden body, wood interior, it even features wood spokes on the alloys! The body has been created from a wood weave that’s quite possibly the most eco version of carbon fiber ever! Each wheel is made from 10 laminated wooden spokes, with a rotary-cut oak veneer and an aluminium rim. Don’t be fooled though, this is no chiselled lump, as it’s made with woven cherry veneer, which was combined using vacuum pressure and fancy epoxy, creating incredibly strong and lightweight body panels that any super car would be proud to wear.

“Wood-spoke wheels have not been used on production cars in nearly 90 years, so we knew the idea would get a lot of attention.” said the cars builder, Joe Harmon.

The car weights 2500 pounds, but shouldn’t have to much trouble getting going, as it is sporting a 4.6L, 700hp V8 engine. It’s a nice way of showing that with all the research going into space-age technologies, there’s still a lot of cool stuff to be done with more natural resources around us.

Why did Harmon build the car? As a business card. He wants a job and he’s using this car as an example of his work. I think it’s got a good chance of working in his favour, don’t you?