Creepy Website Streams Thousands of IP Cameras

A new website has popped up on the radar that highlights serious security concerns with default settings on security hardware. There are hundreds of thousand smart-devices out in the wild and connected to the internet; all who all run with default settings including login and password. 70,000 of those are IP cameras and you can now view all those on the new website.

The administrator says he only wants to highlight the security concerns and expose the problem that has existed for years. But it raises just as many serious concerns as a lot of these IP cameras aren’t located in parking lots or supermarkets, but rather private homes and even bedrooms.

All these locations are being streamed over the internet without any form of consent from the people appearing in the surveillance videos. A huge breach of privacy and while the owner of the site might have good intentions, his methods aren’t well thought through.

Thanks to Neowin for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Neowin