Windows 9 “Threshold” Project Gets Unofficially Confirmed

Windows Threshold is a term that refers to a major Windows update that is coming in the future. It is believed to be a codename for a Windows project and now it seems the project is “official” after Neowin managed to dig out some details about it from the LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft employee. The latest expectation with Windows Threshold is that it refers to Windows 9. Neowin state that Windows Threshold should show up around Spring but the latest rumours suggest it will arrive later in June.

Microsoft is currently working on a lot more than just Windows 9 Threshold with Windows 8.1 Updates 2 and 3 currently in the works. Microsoft are also believed to still be working on a total start menu redesign that was revealed at the BUILD 2014 conference back in April 2014.

Source: Neowin

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Windows 8.1 Update 2 Coming Soon, Available Through Windows Update

A new major update for Windows 8.1 is coming very soon. Windows 8.1 Update 2 (which is essentially Service Pack 2 for 8.1) will reportedly be delivered through the Windows Update mechanism. This is different from the Windows 8.1 update which had to be downloaded and installed through the Windows Store. According to the source Windows 8.1 Update 2 will no longer be named “Windows 8.2” because Microsoft doesn’t want to cause confusion and it also doesn’t want to give the impression that major changes will be made because many of the changes are moderate and incremental.

Windows 8.1 Update 2 is expected to be a pivotal update for Microsoft. Apparently buying a Windows 8.1 Update 2 license will enable users to gain free access to Windows 9 when that comes out later next year. Microsoft will also, as reported by the source, charge a fee for Windows 8 users to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Update 2, allowing them to skip the hassle of upgrading to Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update 1 first. Stay tuned for more details on Windows 8.1 as we get them.

Source: Microsoft News, Via: Softpedia

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New Windows 9 Details Leak Out

Information from the famous Windows leaker and Microsoft enthusiast “FaiKee” suggests that Windows 9 could be with us in its first preview form, the developer preview, from Q2-Q3 in 2015, that’s between March and September next year. The current codename for the next-gen Microsoft OS is Windows 9 but apparently that is subject to change at any time. The rumour confirms the fact that Windows 9 is now expected to be off-schedule, although other Microsoft-enthusiasts such as Mary-Jo Foley of ZDNet believe Windows 9 is still set for a Spring 2015 release. FaiKee went on to state that Windows 8.1 update 3 is expected in Spring 2015, the current Windows 8.1 update 2 is expected to be released very soon. His rumours also suggest we might see a change of names with Windows 8.1 update 3 actually being called Windows 8.2. Check out more details at the source link.

Source: Microsoft-News / FaiKee

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Windows 8.2 To Come With Big Changes In January 2014

Although Windows 8.1 has just been released, Microsoft has apparently listened to its customers feedback of the newly updated operating system and will implement the required features and fixes in the next update, which is scheduled for January 2014.

Microsoft is said to bring back the Start Menu, one of the main features and the biggest disappointment in Windows 8. Although the 8.1 update brought back the apparent Start menu button, it only takes the user to the Metro UI instead of opening up the familiar drawer found in previous Windows version. Windows 8.2 however is said to fix this feature and bring back the Start Menu which we are all familiar with.

Internet Explorer will get a boost as well, having to release with the latest developments in the speed of loading pages increase. Windows 8.1 introduced the new Internet Explorer 11, but it did not look or feel (in terms of performance) anything better than previous versions.

Lastly, Microsoft will restore the File Explorer library by default in the new version of Windows 8.2. It could be incorporated in the current version of the operating system, but Microsoft tech support has been written so many questions about where it can be configured in, so Redmond decided to show the File Explorer by default.

Microsoft is expected to release the Windows 8.2 update in January 2014 and, as Windows 8.2, it will come as a free update through the Windows Store application.

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Windows 8.2 “Green” Concept Screenshots Created

While the Windows 8.1 preview is literally just around the corner, designers at Studio384 have been knocking up some concept designs of what the next Windows 8 installation will look like. The next in the series will probably be Windows 8.2 “Green” before we see Windows 9 emerge after.

In the Windows 8.2 concept design, Studio384 focused mainly on the Windows 8 UI and a “notification center” that groups all the notifications you received on your Windows 8.2 device. This is very much inspired by mobile phone and tablet usage scenarios but it seems a nice idea for a feature given the space Windows 8 is heading into.

Furthermore the Green concept also improves the desktop user interface and the Window control butters are now simpler to use.

The taskbar also doesn’t support transparency anymore which improves the feel of the UI.

If you like the Windows 8.2 Green concept by Studio384 then be sure to check them out. I myself think the notification center is a pretty genius idea although I am not sure I’d really feel comfortable with having that on my desktop PC. What are your thoughts on the Windows 8.2 Green Concept?

Images courtesy of Studio384

Windows 8.1 Is Not A Service Pack, Is This The End Of Service Packs?

Microsoft already confirmed yesterday that Microsoft’s Windows “Blue” will actually be a free update for Windows 8, is called Windows 8.1 and is available free to Windows 8 owners. We only have to wait until June 26th for the preview of Windows 8.1, yet Microsoft is firmly saying that Windows 8.1 is not a service pack.

While the difference between Windows 8.1 and a service pack is marginal at best, could Windows 8.1 signal the end of the service pack? Well it certainly seems that way. Windows CFO Tami Reller has already been quoted as saying to the press that Windows 8.1 is not a service pack but should be seen as an update of the existing Windows 8 operating system.

If Windows 8.1 does signal the end of the service pack, a function that arrived with Windows XP and lasted Vista and 7, then we may not ever see that Windows 7 Service Pack 2 that a lot of people were hoping for. That said there is no way Microsoft won’t continue to churn out updates for Windows 7 as it is still their most popular operating system and some retailers (Scan being one of them) have even come out saying that Windows 7 sells better than Windows 8 in their store.

In place of the service pack, Microsoft will now provide continual updates for all its operating systems that are still supported. As a result don’t expect to see any service packs, but you can still expect to see the contents of service packs distributed in a much more gradual way.

“You’ll immediately benefit from continual updates – whether it’s from app updates through the Windows Store, performance updates through Windows Update or the Windows 8.1 update later this year”

On this same note of Windows OS updates, and not service packs, with Windows 9 expected in November 2014 it is expected we could see a Windows 8.2 early to mid next year since the new trend is now of OS version updates not service packs.

We will keep you updated if Microsoft makes any “official” comments about the future of the service pack. What are your thoughts on the unofficial end to the service pack?

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Microsoft May Delay Windows 9 For Windows 8.2

Microsoft is currently working on two operating systems. Windows 8.1, a Windows 8 refresh, and Windows 9, the next operating system in the Windows series. However, this is only the simple roadmap for Windows because apparently Microsoft also has plans for a Windows 8.2 should Windows 8.1 fail to sell equally as much as Windows 8 did.

Microsoft is reportedly laying the foundations for a second revision of Windows 8, Windows 8.2 which will essentially be an improved version of Windows 8.1 (Blue). This changes the launch schedule of Windows 9 dramatically as Windows 8.1 is due to be released September 2013, Windows 8.2 will see a mid to late 2014 release and then Windows 9 will have to be pushed back to 2015 because Microsoft doesn’t launch two new operating systems in the same year. Microsoft has to give each OS at least 9 months to a year for the market to digest before it introduces the next one, hence why we will see Windows 8.1 in September – approximately 11 months after the launch of Windows 8.

This isn’t 100% confirmed yet and it is totally possible, depending on the success of Windows 8.1, that Microsoft won’t need to release a Windows 8.2. However, don’t be surprised if Microsoft does go on a Windows 8 frenzy in an effort to extract every last bit of revenue out of it.

I think maybe they should just cut their losses and move onto Windows 9. Giving Windows 9 a big refresh and radical overhaul will certainly put them in good standing. I know many people will be looking for a removal/significant changing of the UI as well as a reinstatement of the start button and menu. Microsoft will need to carefully balance the integration of their desktop and mobile versions as not to alienate either platform.

What are you thoughts on the potential for a Windows 8.2?