Ultra HD Blu-Ray Release Date Revealed

More and more people are upgrading to a 4K capable TV or monitor these days, and with services like Netflix and Amazon Prime offering content, albeit a limited library, ready to stream 4K movies and TV shows, it’s easy to see why. The prices of 4K TVs and monitors have been falling steadily and it now makes perfect sense to go for 4K vs a standard HD set if you’re upgrading.

Of course, streaming isn’t a viable option for everyone, mostly due to bandwidth limitations. I personally don’t have fast enough internet for streaming in 4K, so disc based media is certainly the way to go. I’m also a bit of a movie and home cinema buff, so streamed content, with its limited bitrates, compression and more, are simply a deal breaker for me; although perhaps not so for everyone else.

Ultra HD Blu-Ray has been a long time coming, with the format only having been finalized this year and Samsung revealing the first consumer model player at IFA this month. All the major studios are behind the new format and have helped shape the standards for it, but when can we expect discs to hit the market?

The new format will offer up a greatly improved resolution, wide colour space, HDR, HFR and much more, helping future proof the discs for quite some time and providing formats that we now often see used in the cinema, right in your own living room. The first discs are now expected to launch in January, with many of the major studios and networks pushing the Ultra HD discs on the same day they release the HD Blu-Ray.

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AOC Reveals First Affordable High-End 4K Resolution 28″ Display In London

The display industry has been cooking up new ways to improve our visual experience for some time now, from 3D features to Virtual Reality gear which isn’t quite ready just yet. However, the latter is not always useful in all areas, therefore the focus has been shifted to 4K technology it seems.

Whether designing, gaming or entertainment activities is in order, 4K technology will always do the trick. This might have sounded appealing to most in the past, but actually acquiring one meant selling an arm and a leg, since the prices were well into the thousands and even more in some cases. No, the price has drastically dropped to around £600 or less for most 4K displays which also meant a drop in specs, but not for AOC and their new 28″ display it seems.

AOC has revealed this first affordable gaming high-spec 28″ display, the U2868Pqu, at the PC Retail Bootcamp event in London. It features a 1ms response timing, which means users do not have to worry about ghosting problems at all, a 300 cd/m brightness rate for high contrast and a 60 Hz refresh rate. These features can be found on its 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution, making it a must-have item when it comes to enthusiastic gamers or even designers.

In terms of connectivity, the U2868Pqu comes with Dual-Link DVI, HDMI and Display Port support, having additional built-in speakers. However, gaming enthusiast will not be quite fond of the speakers, but nonetheless it comes as an additional support when in need of an output device.

In terms of a specific price, Amazon.co.uk has listed the display at a price of £537.60, giving it a release date set for the 1st of June.

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Xbox One Launch Kicks Off The Battle Against Sony’s Playstation 4

The wait is over and the time has now come for eager fans around the world to collect their Xbox One and immerse themselves in the next generation of console gaming from Microsoft. New Zealand was one of the first countries to have the console available at midnight of the 22nd November, and even hours before hand, fans were queuing up outside Shed 10 on the Waterfront in Auckland, New Zealand ready to pick up their pre-orders.

A little closer to home for us here at eTeknix, the UK also saw their launch at midnight last where over 300 game shops and more than 100 Tesco’s supermarkets stayed open late into the night for sales and pre-order collections to be made. Whilst the PS4 is not yet here in the UK until the 29th of November, Over in the US Sony’s launch of the Playstation 4 is now a week behind us and so the battle over there has started to see who will be crowned victorious as the must have games console this Christmas.

Whilst the Xbox One is going to cost you around £80 more than the PS4, it seems that this has not put any fans off as Microsoft see record numbers of pre-orders being made, beating that of the Xbox 360 a number of years ago. The two consoles, as we have seen, do pack somewhat similar specifications to each other – although there has been word that Sony may just have the upper hand on graphics as reports come in that Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts has a better game play in terms of resolution. Whilst this may be a major selling factor to a small number of people, the challenge really is going to be based on who has the most loyal fans on their side, however this is not as plain sailing as you may think. Since the launch of the Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3, there has been a dramatic shift in the games market as we see many avid gamers moving away from the console platform and over to the PC gaming side of things. This has been mainly down to the massive improvement in graphics performance that we have seen from both NVIDIA and AMD in the last 2-3 years.

With games console now offering much more than just a gaming experience, with social and entertainment media becoming more and more popular, the is certainly more than one reason to pick either console and as the Christmas rush comes into full swing, it is anybody’s guess at the moment as to who will be at the number one spot at the end of the year.

If you’ve just got an Xbox One or PS4 (or are waiting for the PS4 in the UK), let us know your thoughts on the new consoles in the comments section below.

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