New World Rally Championship Revealed

Racing fans have something to look forward to as the launch trailer for the new World Rally Championship game has been shown off and we have been given an official time of release. WRC5 is the latest installment in the series and almost everyone will be able to play this new game, as it will be available on a multitude of systems.

Playstation Vita, PS3, and PS4 owners will all be able to play this game and so will Xbox 360 and Xbox One users. PC players aren’t left out either as the game also will be available through Steam. This covers most households, meaning there isn’t much to hold you back from experiencing the latest rally game from Bigben Interactive.

While the trailer doesn’t explicitly state that the footage shown is from actual in-game recording, the images speak for themselves. The driving might be pre-scripted for the purpose of creating the video, but otherwise it looks like genuine in-game footage.

Speaking for the above statement is the previous seen in-game footage shown off during E3 this year. Back then we saw some gaming with an early version of the game and it already looked sweet there.

Thank you Rock Paper Shotgun for providing us with this information