Head of Google+ Reportedly Quit His Job

In April 2014, David Besbris rose up to be the head of Google+, having said back in October 2014 that Google had long-term plans for its social media platform. However, less than a year since then, Besbris reportedly quit his job and has been replaced by Bradley Horowitz who has been with Google+ from the start.

Besbris has been the successor of Vic Gundrota, the previous head of Google+ before April 2014, having won the job against Horowitz. During this time, Besbris did not detail what we would expect from Google+. However, Horowitz is said to already have given plenty to the public through Sundar Pichai, Google senior vice president of products, at the Mobile World Congress.

Pichai stated that Google would focus on communications, photos and the Google+ Stream separately, instead of considering them as a package. This means that photos and hangouts would be moving away from Google+. While Horowitz stated on his own Google+ page that he along with his team are working around the clock to bring a lot of changes, it seems that it would be rather hard since the Google+ team of around 1,000 is now half the size.

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Win AMD’s VP Roy Taylor’s AMD R9 295×2 by Playing Battlefield

There is one thing I think we all can agree on, we like to game. What do we like more then to game? Well that’s an easy one, free hardware to game on. And how about you could win it simply by playing one of your favourite first person shooter games? Yes you read right, you can win an AMD Radeon R9 295×2 Graphics card by playing Battlefield 4.

AMD VP Roy Taylor is a big Battlefield 4 addict with over 300 hours of logged game time, and he has now teamed up with PC Perspective to generously give away his own personal 295×2 graphics card for the whole thing. hat’s the catch? You have to play Battlefield 4 with him and the Fragging Frogs during a special giveaway event. The winner will be selected randomly from those that play BUT to make things more interesting we will offering in-game “opportunities” to increase your changes of winning.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone here about this card, but in case you should have missed it in the past. It performs 11.5 terra flops with its 5632 stream processors, 8 GB total memory on dual 512-bit interface. The entire thing is kept cool with a closed loop liquid cooling system from Asetek.

Rules for the participation:

  • You must post to the thread on their forum (You can find it here)
  • Space will be limited on our Battlefield 4 server so everyone may not be able to participate.
  • TRY TO BE ON TIME – You must arrive by 1:15 PM ET or your spot in the game can NOT be guaranteed.
  • You must join Teamspeak for the event
  • You must play for the majority of the time we play Battlefield 4
  • Participants must reside in North America
  • Everyone who participates will receive 1 (one) raffle ticket entry
  • Anyone who knifes ROY (leonidoo in game) or SAM (Warsam71 in game) from AMD will get +5 additional raffle ticket entries !!!
  • Other opportunities (some kept secret) may be available to receive additional entries
  • The winner will be announced shortly after the event

Sadly the event is only open to people who reside in North America and I expect it to be crowded to get a slot, but it’s still a great deal and a fun way to earn a new GPU. And thumbs up to Roy for giving away his own card.

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Image courtesy of PC perspective.