The Volocopter Completes Its First Manned Flight

Who doesn’t love a drone? From being used as video recorders and photography tools to their use in creating a whole new form of racing, they’ve come a long way from fantasy tools for soldiers and spies. E-Volo is just one of many one of many groups that want to change what drones can do, in this case, they want to let YOU ride within a many-rotor electric helicopter; as a super drone.

The Volocopter VC200 received its flight permit in Germany, meaning that managing director of E-Volo, Alexander Zosel could take to the sky in the 18 rotor helicopter. In what seems to be a smooth and seamless take off the flight goes just as well with the Volocopter gliding around the field and was even described as responding instantly to the actions put into it.

During interviews after the flight, the companies reactions were positive, with them showing that the Volocopter could be considered as an alternative to cars with everyone being able to own their own which, with the use of a touch pad, would be able to self-drive itself to your favourite location. Why have a flying car when you can have a personal helicopter?

See The E-Volo 18 Rotor Electic Helicopter In Action

The e-volo looks unlike any helicopter we have every seen. The Volocopter features 18 electric rotors and has become one of the first ever electric helicopters to make a successful flight and has so far reached heights of around 18 meters during test flights.

It may not be as capable as most modern helicopters, but it is designed to hold two people while travelling up to 100km at a maximum altitude of 6500 feet and it capable of fully automated flight thanks to its range of computers and sensors.

Each of the six rotors are controlled by 20 different computers and 6 different battery blocks that features a 50% power reserve. This means that should 2 of the blocks fail, then the Volocopter will still keep running and be able to make a safe landing.

The German made Volocopter is not only quieter, more efficient and safer than normal helicopters and there is no doubt that the technology behind it is awesome.


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Image courtesy of Geeky Gadgets.