The Level List for Uncharted 4 Might Have Been Leaked

Uncharted 4 is scheduled for a worldwide release on May 10 exclusively for PlayStation 4 consoles, and even though we already know quite a bit about the game’s gameplay and graphics, not much is known about its individual levels. However, during a GDC 2016 presentation named Technical Art Culture, Lead Technical Artist Andrew Maximov might have leaked the title’s level list by accident. The list appeared briefly at the 36:10 mark in the video, and fortunately for us, a gamer managed to take a snapshot of the moment, which you will be able to see below.

It’s probably quite difficult to make out the exact level list in the image, so we’re going to tell you exactly what it says:

  • Boat Intro
  • Orphanage
  • Prison
  • Dive
  • Home (or Nose, it’s hard to make it out, but Home makes more sense)
  • The Prison
  • Auction
  • Scotland
  • Madagascar
  • City
  • Open Water
  • Island
  • Colony
  • Saner (or perhaps Manor)
  • River
  • Sunken Ruins
  • Passage
  • Ship-Graveyard
  • Cave
  • Epilogue

As you can see, the list was put together using code names, and since Uncharted is usually split into multiple chapters, we can’t know for sure how many chapters there will be in the game and how many levels will be included in each of them. This level list could very well be incomplete, but it still gives us a decent idea of what to expect from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Has Its Release Delayed Again

Uncharted has become one of Sony’s largest series with the fourth game in the series looking to be released this year. Following a treasure hunters search, the game features everything you could want to play, but you may have to wait a little longer for the experience with Sony announcing that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End release will be delayed.

Originally set for a March 18th release, the game has already experienced a push back but with the latest delay the launch date is now looking as the 10th May. According to Sony, this is to allow for “extra manufacturing time” before release.

Even with the delay, they seem confident, with the post continuing to say that “the good news is the game is phenomenal”.  This news comes just after it was revealed that inside their initial story trailer they used some artwork from Ubisoft’s Assasins Creed series, something that caused them to pull down the trailer and re-release it without the offending artwork.

Are you looking forward to the game? Does a delay matter to you or would you prefer that they released the game as soon as it was done and ready? We seem to get delays every other week, with some games being delayed so much they seem to almost never happen.

Naughty Dog Used Assassins Creed Concept Art

People are protective over their work, they care about the fact that if they spend time making something then they should at least have their name on it, being rewarded by recognition at least for their efforts. So imagine the surprise when Ubisoft noticed their work in Naughty Dog’s trailer for Uncharted 4?

The mistake was first noticed by none other than the head of content for Assassins creed Azaïzia Aymar.

The trailer has now been taken down but not before the creative Director of Ubisoft Montreal managed to get a quick tweet in regarding the matter.

In a comparison of the two images, you can see the only difference being a slight difference in colour and the lack of a pirate (why would you remove a pirate from a picture?)

The image in the Uncharted 4 trailer

The Assassins Creed Black Flag concept art

Naughty Dog has since responded saying that they messed up, with Neil Druckmann treating a link to a statement from the company.

In the statement NaughtyDog state that they “didn’t thoroughly vet the artwork used” for their story trailer. They go on to apologise to everyone at Ubisoft, who worked on Assassins Creed, the original artist and even their fans.

VG247 Journalist Mistakes Uncharted 2 for Uncharted 4

Video gaming journalism isn’t the most trustworthy of professions and consumers can be incredibly skeptical of any professional critique from mainstream outlets. There can be a stark contrast between press review scores and user opinions, as shown by Mad Max. However, this is nothing compared to the absolute incompetence and tomfoolery which occurred in an Uncharted 4 preview by Despite being one of the gaming industry’s major websites, the article’s writer staggeringly mistook Uncharted 2 HD for Uncharted 4. Even more hilarious, the original article contains a sentence which reads:

“….Uncharted veteran in me immediately shimmied a sign post and leapt through a hole in a nearby wall.”

It does seem a little bit suspect that an “Uncharted veteran” couldn’t distinguish between 4’s press demo and the most successful game in the series. VG247 has removed the original article, but the internet never forgets so here is an archived version. Throughout the piece, there are criticisms about the game being “too formulaic” and overly similar to the previous games; the amount of irony here is just unbelievable.

VG247’s Editor Matt Martin, issued a statement and apologized for the misleading information:

“We’d like to apologise to Naughty Dog for a massive mistake we published last month.”

“On September 30 we published an article titled “Is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End too formulaic?” based on what we thought was a hands-on session with Uncharted 4 at the Tokyo Game Show.”

“We didn’t realise it at the time; what we’d played wasn’t Uncharted 4, but the remastered Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, from the recently released Uncharted Collection. We were not aware of this until after the article went live.”

While some very loyal readers are defending this absurd situation, it’s one of the largest blunders I’ve seen in a long time. Surely, anyone who has invested time in Uncharted 2 can instantly recognize certain levels, voice acting or gameplay segments (or the title at that start – Pete). The traditional gaming press is struggling to compete with YouTube personalities and community media is becoming more popular via streaming. Honestly, this gives the impression that the writer is clueless and hasn’t actually played any of the Uncharted franchise. Also, the editor should have noticed this fairly quickly which shows a lack of care.

Thank you VG247 for providing us with this information.

PlayStation 4 Might Get Uncharted Remastered Collection this Summer

You might have bought a PlayStation 4 but haven’t had a chance to play the Uncharted series since they were for the older PS3. Well, you might be happy to know that Tamaki, a well known leaker, just confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will get the Uncharted Remastered Collection and it will be announced at E3.

He tells us that the move to release the Remastered Collection on the PlayStation 4 is a way for Sony to make up to Uncharted fans for the Uncharted 4 delay. But are you really still mad at Sony for the constant delay of the latest Uncharted title after you know you can play the collection on the PlayStation 4 this summer? I don’t think so.

However, don’t be excited just yet as Tamaki may have good inside information, but it won’t be official until Sony says so. However, the Uncharted series really was a big hit on the PS3, so it would be a shame for Sony to miss out on releasing a Remastered Collection of the series on their latest console, along with Uncharted 4 (eventually).

All we can do now is wait and see if Tamaki is right and it gets unveiled at E3. Are you excited? Let us know!

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Image courtesy of MeriStation ZonaForo

Uncharted 4 Clone is Pure Gaming Comedy Gold

Many game developers are concerned about their products being copied or their original ideas being stolen, but today is probably not causing the team at Naughty Dog to lose any sleep. Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Buttuta is definitely not an Uncharted game, but it’s done everything it can to try and imitate it; much in the same way a child could imitate real life using a pack of crayons.

It shouldn’t be funny, the game looks terrible, but much in the same way Goat Simulator is “broken”, I really can’t wait to play Unearthed. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

1000 Precursor Orb Replicas Go On Sale For Naughty Dog’s 30th Birthday

Big fan of Naughty Dog? Celebrate their 30th birthday in style with a Precursor Orb!

The Last of Us developer is offering 1,000 of these polystone replicas for $120 US each, with the Orbs being a big part of the Jak & Dexter series, which Naughty Dog made. The replicas are around 10″ tall and 5″ wide, with an Orb at the top of the base, which is made of stone. The base features the Jak & Daxter logo, and a 30th anniversary Naughty Dog emblem.

Naughty Dog will be selling them between now and when they sell out, which I don’t think will be long for Naughty Dog’s legion of fans, with it estimated to ship in March 2015.

Source: Joystiq.

Teaser Trailer For Uncharted PS4 Released

Sony have been teasing many big announcements this week, but up until now all we could do was speculate on what they could be. With the launch of the PlayStation 4 this week it seemed Sony had little else to say this year that would help sell their new console, but it seems we were wrong.

The new trailer shown at the PlayStation 4 All Access Event featured a fairly vague videos of a camera panning over a map, these could be hints at locations from the game, they might not be, who knows. We took a look at the map and can see Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, resting place of The Flying Dutchman, a ship of many legends.

Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells teased, “if you pick through the trailer you’ll find some hints,” which I have done.

If what he says is true, then sunken ships could be the right guess given that there are various crashed ships on the map, but of course we will have to wait and see.

The trailer features a familiar voice too, but older and heavier, could this be Nathan Drake or can we expect a new hero in these adventures?


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Image courtesy of Analogue Addiction.

Uncharted 4 For PlayStation 4 Appears On German GameStop Website

The fourth title in the Uncharted series is one of the most hotly anticipated games right now, the only problem we have is that we don’t know what to anticipate, since no official announcement has ever been made about the title. That is of course not to say that the game doesn’t exist, as it’s been known for some time that the studio split in two, with one half working on the Uncharted series and the other half took over to work on the truly epic The Last of Us.

Now it seems the game has made its first peek out of the door as GameStop Germany “accidentally?” listed the title with a placeholder. The listing was light on details, but this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen games leaked like this, to be honest I’ve seen this happen so many times I personally think it’s an early marketing move to show a listing like this, as it gets a little hype going prior to announcement.

A company like GameStop isn’t really in the business of making fake artwork and then leaking it, if they say Uncharted 4 is out there somewhere, then you can back your backside that it is.

No one knows where Naughty Dog will take the Uncharted series, or how Nathan Drake will fit into the adventure, especially given that the current trilogy (not counting the Vita title) is a pretty neat and complete set.

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Image courtesy of PSU.