EIZO Anounces the 6mm Ultra-Slim Frame 23.8″ FORIS FS2434 Gaming Monitor

EIZO has just announced its latest addition to its gaming monitor series, the FORIS FS2434, featuring a 6 mm Ultra-Slim frame, vivid display colours and EIZO’s “Smart” technologies for a more delightful gaming experience, having the monitor said to be ideal for RTS, MOBA and MMORPG genres in terms of PC gaming, as well as all genre types in terms of console gaming.

The 6 mm frame is said to consist of a 2 mm bezel and 4 mm border at the LCD panel edges, creating a smooth viewing when in a multi-monitor working environment, as well as providing an immersive gaming experience. Also, the FORIS FS2434’s IPS LCD panel along with its wide 178 degrees viewing angle is said to provide vibrant colors with few contrast changes, while the extremely low 0.05 frames input lag is said to provide no delay between signal input and image display on the screen.

Being a FORIS FS monitor, the 23.8″ 6 mm frame FS 2434 display also comes with three of EIZO’s own Smart technologies in order to improve visibility and clarity during gameplay. The first is Smart Insight 2, available in the “Game” preset mode, having it identify and enhance dark areas of an image by increasing the brightness in order to make it easier to see enemies. The FS2434 also adds an extra feature to the Smart Insight 2, having it enhance saturation in addition to brightness in order to bring greater contrast between characters and the background in a game.

The second technology is Smart Resolution, having it analyse an image for noise and blur in order to correct the blur without accentuating the noise, having to adjust only the areas where it is most needed. The third is Smart Detection, where the technology identifies the designated area on the screen where a video or game is played and applies the Smart Ironsight 2 or Smart Resolution whenever required.

Other technologies included in the FORIS FS2434 consist of the LED backlit, having it be controlled by a hybrid direct current and high-frequency pulse-width modulation in order to grant a flicker-free viewing at all brightness levels, as well as having a remote control and the company’s G-Ignition utility software. The G-Ignition is said to grand gamers access tp download presets created by professional gamers from gaming.eizo.com or export the user’s own customised colour modes to other gamers who also own a similar display. The software can also be used to assign hotkeys in order to quickly turn the monitor’s power and mute to ON/OFF, adjust the colour mode and aspect ratio.

In terms of connectivity, the FORIS FS2434 comes with two HDMI and one DVI-D ports, having it be compatible with PCs, consoles, Blu-Ray players and cameras. In addition, a USB 3.0 hub featuring one upstream and two downstream ports grant users the ability to connect to USB 3.0 storage devices or even connect their keyboard and mouse directly to the monitor. Also, the line-out jack allows for external speakers to be connected directly to the monitor as well, while the headphone jack grants further audio functionality.

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Western Digital’s Worlds First Ultra-Slim Drive


Today Western Digital announced that they will start shipping the worlds first thinnest hard drive. The new Ultra Slim hard drives will be 47% thinner (5mm) than the standard mobile hard drives (9.5mm), also weighing 37% less, only weighing 74 grams!

The new Ultra Slim hard drives will fall into WD’s BLUE category, they are also releasing a BLACK Solid-State Hybrid Drive. Both of their new slim drives will be only 5mm! Enabling manufacturers of laptops and other mobile devices that use mobile drives to produce lighter and thinner devices for their customers! Both of the new drives will only have 500 GB of storage capacity, though the SSHD will be able to give you that nice performance boost with it’s hybrid technology.

These awesome new drives are thinner and quieter, what more could we ask for? WD kicked it up even further bringing us Edge Card Technology, and an Edge Card Connector allowing the drive to be powered and connect via the SATA interface! To reduce vibration and to stabilize the drive they are giving us StableTrac, making the new drives more accurate to provide consistent higher performance! Last but not least they also put in Dual Stage Actuators, two heads are always better than one, giving those data writes more accuracy!

As for the pricing, these new drives will be shipping to select industrial distributors and OEM customers today, they bring us the 500 GB WD BLUE Model: WD5000MPCK with an MSRP o f $89.00 USD, and it will come with a two-year limited warranty. The WD BLACK SSHD are only shipping to OEM’s and integrators with WD proprietary hybrid technology and industry standard SATA I/O technology.


If you’re interested in learning more about the new Ultra Slim, click here!