Uber Launches a Water Taxi Service in Istanbul

Istanbul is a beautiful and important city, no doubt about it, but it can become quite crowded at times, which is why its citizens often have difficulties crossing from its European to its Asian side and vice versa. Fortunately, American international transportation network company Uber has recently announced a brand new boat service in Istanbul that will allow people to traverse the city quickly and comfortably. Dubbed UberBOAT, the service is marked as a separate option in the primary Uber app, and it is based on a small fleet of speedboats operated by a Turkish firm named Navette.

The speedboats can accommodate six to eight people each, and they will carry passengers along a few popular routes across the Bosphorus. As far as pricing is concerned, Uber said that it will be calculated based on the route’s distance, and while no final fares have been announced just yet, estimates indicate prices between $18 to $161 USD. Obviously, these are quite a bit higher when compared to those practiced by regular ferries, not to mention the fact that the Bosphorus can be crossed by car using one of the two bridges that span the strait. However, if they want to avoid road traffic and crowded ferry lines, Istanbul’s citizens now have a quicker and more convenient alternative.

Thank you Mashable for providing us with this information.