MIT Attempts to Out-Trump Trump With DeepDrumpf Twitterbot

Donald Trump’s antics on social media are infamous at this point, seeming crazy and unpredictable at times. Now, we can all look forward to an improvement to Trump thanks to the field of deep learning. DeepDrumpf is a Twitterbot created by a researcher at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and makes use of deep learning algorithms in order to generate tweets that are Trumpier than the real deal.

DeepDrumpf’s artificial intelligence platform was trained on hours of Trump transcripts from his numerous speeches and performances at public events and debates. While far from perfect, often generating tweets too nonsensical or stupid to even be from Trump himself, however, some manage to be hilariously brilliant.

MIT explains that the secret behind DeepDrumpf is that “the bot creates Tweets one letter at a time. For example, if the bot randomly begins its Tweet with the letter “M,” it is somewhat likely to be followed by an “A,” and then a “K,” and so on until the bot types out Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” It then starts over for the next sentence and repeats the process until it reaches the 140-character limit.” The bot’s creator, postdoc Bradley Hayes, was inspired to create DeepDrumpf by an existing model that can emulate Shakespeare, combined with a recent report on the presidential candidates’ linguistic patterns that found Trump speaks at a third-grade level.

DeepDrumpf has even managed to connect with Trump’s real Twitter account. When it does so, its artificial intelligence algorithm is given language from the real Trump’s tweet, which allows a higher chance of giving a response that appears to be contextually relevant to the original.

Hayes even envisions a future where he develops accounts for all of the presidential candidates and feeding them tweets from one another, so they can have their own real-time deep-learning debates. With that in mind, who would you like to see a deep-learning bot be created for?

A Bot Found Twitter’s Financial Results Early and Caused Its Stock to Plunge

Apparently, releasing a company’s financial results ahead of time can cause quite a dramatic effect on its stock value. A financial tech named Selerity managed to dig up Twitters’ numbers using a bot that scans for financial results-related URLs. Selerity published the company’s quarterly results before they were released officially on Tuesday, and this caused a stock price tumble of 18 percent. As a result, Twitter’s stock price was at $42.27 per share at the end of the day.

During the year’s first quarter, the social networking goliath lost over $162 million. Furthermore, from 2010 to 2014, it lost over $1.5 billion, which is quite considerable even for such a successful brand. During an annual report that was released in 2015, Twitter’s management stated the following:

” Since our inception, we have incurred significant operating losses, and, as of December 31, 2014, we had an accumulated deficit of $1.57 billion”

CEO Dick Costolo tried to reassure investors by releasing the following statement:

“It is still early days for these products, and we have a strong pipeline that we believe will drive increased value for direct response advertisers in the future.”

Do you think that Twitter will be able to recover from these significant losses?

Thank you Arstechnica for providing us with this information.