HunieCam Studio Streams Are Now Banned on Twitch

Traditionally, quirky Japanese games remained deeply rooted in the console market and it was quite rare to see them being released for PC audiences. The reasoning behind this revolves around a number of factors including the niche Japanese PC sector, and familiarity with console development. Thankfully, this has dramatically changed in recent years and Japanese publishers are much more open to releasing unusual titles on the PC platform. Giving the consumer extra choice is always advantageous and I’m a huge fan of various genres containing Japanese games. Of course, the culture in Japan is different to the western world and some users might become baffled by the influx of “eroge” games on Steam.

Eroge games are based on a sexualized theme and as you might expect, contain nudity. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this whatsoever, and I’m pleased to see games on Steam which offer unique experiences. Unfortunately, this liberal viewpoint isn’t shared by Twitch and many adult games including Sakura Spirit, and even BMX XXX cannot be streamed by their user base. Furthermore, the company recently added HunieCam Studio streams to the prohibited list:

So what is HunieCam Studio? Here’s a brief synopsis from the official Steam page:

“In HunieCam Studio players take control of a sleazy cam girl operation. Rake in stacks of filthy internet money and attract as many disgusting fans as you can in this fast paced, click happy and thoroughly perverted take on the business tycoon / management sim genre!” 

“Recruit cam models from an eclectic cast of cuties who have probably made some poor life choices. Manage your girls’ daily errands/activities to keep them stress-free and productive. Invest in various aspects of your business to improve functions and expand operations. Optimize your cam shows by promoting girls who match popular trends/fetishes. Abandon your morals and disappoint everybody who cares about you!”

This is a disappointing decision by Twitch although it’s not unexpected. Video games cater to different cultures and interests. As a result, it would be much better to simply allow streaming of ‘eroge’ games and use some sort of age verification. Blocking them completely seems a bit rash and hypothetical when other mainstream titles are awash with traditional violence.

How to Reach Level 100 In WOW With Just Two Dance Mats

Remember when you start that new game and with every level you unlock new abilities and gifts with every level up? With some games reaching the level cap is both exciting and also upsetting, knowing that your character will never quite be able to advance anymore? Imagine if you wanted to reach level 100 on WOW, though? Well, Rudeism has proven you can reach level 100 in wow with just two dance mats.

Taking just 5 days, 11 hours, 48 minutes and 38 seconds, Rudeism has finally completed the achievement of dancing his way to level 100. The finishing move came after a 7-hour stream, the video of which you can find below (check out from 7:70:00 to find the moment of triumph).

[twitchtv url=”” width=”800″ height=”488″]

Dubbed “Dancecraft”, Rudeism has been working on this achievement for around a month now. With his moves being showed off both on the dance mats and in-game, reaching the staggering level in a rather impressive form.

With people doing everything from dancing their way through the World of Warcraft landscape to beating Dark souls with nothing but a pair of Donkey Konga’s Bongo’s, the world is a weird and wonderful place.

With the new movie coming out later this year this was the perfect time for Rudeism to show off his moves and we hope that he doesn’t stop there when it comes to dancing to victory.

Successful Streamer is Using a Pirated Copy of The Witness

Jonathan Blow is one of the most recognizable names in the indie development scene and best known for creating the hit puzzle game, Braid. In addition to Super Meat Boy, Braid showcased the kind of creativity and unique experiences players could expect from independent studios. Clearly, Braid’s wonderful aesthetic and captivating level design made it a huge success story. To build on the success of Braid, Jonathan Blow decided to work on a brand new title called, The Witness set in an open world enviroment with dozens of locations to explore. Furthermore, the game has over 500 extremely challenging puzzles and offers a lengthy single player experience.

Unfortunately, The Witness has fallen victim to extremely high piracy numbers and already become the most downloaded game on an unnamed pirate site, (most probably The Pirate Bay).

Arguably, the game’s $39.99/£29.99 price tag could be a root cause of this very high piracy rate as people feel it’s overpriced for an indie puzzler. Please remember piracy doesn’t always mean the individual in question simply wants the game for free. Perhaps, the price is a concern, and it’s downloaded as a form of testing. Although, it’s clear many pirates have this intention and never buy the game. On the other hand, much cheaper titles including Grey Goo suffered from similar piracy rate which discredits the idea of pricing being the single cause. It’s probably a contributing factor though.

Unbelievably, a very successful streamer with 3 million views has been broadcasting the game using a pirated copy. This is absolutely astonishing because the person in question is clearly going to make at least $40 back from donations, or other means. It’s extremely stupid for someone with a small channel, but when you’re so influential and making an impressive amount of money, it shows a complete lack of respect for game developers. Jonathan Blow didn’t name the streamer, but it’s certainly something which almost defies belief.

New OCZ Gaming Site Supports Streamers and Gamers

OCZ is no stranger in the world of gaming and computers with their strong portfolio of solid state drives and it is this group that is partially responsible for OCZ’s success, simply by buying their products. OCZ wants to give back to those and have launched a new mini-site dedicated to gamers and streamers.

The new mini-site is simply called OCZ Gaming and the slogan “what moves me”. The answer to that is without a doubt gaming for a lot of our readers, which makes it worth to check this site out. Especially if you are a Twitch streamer that doesn’t have an SSD sponsor yet.

OCZ has started a streamer sponsor program and best of all, it is real easy to sign up and apply for it. There is but one rule really, you can’t have an SSD sponsor from another company. That’s fair, right? There are four different sponsor tiers that will give different awards starting from a single OCZ Vector 180 SSD and to a lot more. There are some details on what has to be fulfilled for each of the tiers, but it is definitely worth checking out if you are a Twitch game-streamer. All you need to do to apply is to fill out a little form on the OCZ Gamers mini-site.

On the OCZ Gaming site, you’ll also find videos with system builds and wallpapers for your desktop to show off your OCZ pride. There are contests and giveaways too as well SSD guides so you pick the right drive for your setup.

A big part of PC gaming is located around the Steam platform, there is no getting around that. To meet the gamers where they are, OCZ also launched a Steam Group. The group already has over 1200 members, so it is off to a very good start.

Annual Speedrun Marathon for Charity AGDQ 2016 Starts Today

An event for the calendars for the many speedrunning and video game fans out there, Awesome Games Done Quick, or AGDQ as it is often known is kicking off its 2016 event today at 4:30 PM GMT or 11:30 AM EST. AGDQ 2016 will be kicking off with Splatoon and continue to run, non-stop until next Sunday, when the marathon will wind down with Super Metroid and Final Fantasy IV runs. All money received during the marathon (as well as through Twitch subscriptions) will be donated to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and will be hoping to break last year’s record of over 1.5 million dollars raised.

For those not in the loop, “Games Done Quick” are a number of collaboration events run by Speed Demos Archive, which have been running since 2010. Since then, Games Done Quick has grown to run at least two events annually, Awesome Games Done Quick in January and Summer Games Done Quick in August, each event focusing on the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders respectively.

These are also great community events, bringing together over 100 speedrunners and countless more watchers and staff to celebrate the breaking of games old and new for the sake of charity. Additionally, the GDQ events are streamed live on twitch through the gamesdonequick channel. This also gives publicity to the many speedrunners that make up the event and entertains thousands of fans worldwide (while also ruining their sleep schedule and work productivity).

If you’re not the kind of person who wants to commit to watching speedruns 24/7, the schedule for AGDQ 2016 can be found here. Whether you’re a long-time fan of speedrunning and the GDQ events or this is your first time watching, please let us know what runs you’re most hyped for in the comments below. I’m personally looking forward to the Punch Out games, after AGDQ 2014, where Sinister1 got a personal best time live, while blindfolded.

Twitch Will Install Arch Linux Later Today

Despite being a video streaming service, Twitch has gained fame through a series of “Twitch Plays” events. While those have all revolved around games like Metal Gear and Pokémona more ambitious project will start in about 12 hours. Using the same chat-based collaboration, Twitch will attempt to install Arch Linux on a virtual machine. Anyone who connects to the stream will be able to command and control the installation process.

While installing a Linux installation is pretty straightforward these days, we can expect a lot of trolls in the first while. After all, that’s what happened with Pokémon and Dark Souls when they first started out. With the large range of options available to trolls, expect the start to be really bloody. It would not be surprising to see commands to wipe the disk or put the VM into a perpetual reboot cycle to occur.

There a few milestones set so far for the installation which are to

  • Boot Arch Linux from the hard disk
  • Write a python ‘Hello World!’ script
  • Configure a fully working X server
  • Pull up the Twitch screen in the virtual machine

If the install goes relatively well, it will be interesting to control via Twitch the machine that itself is logged into Twitch and ends up controlling itself. That is, of course if the VM doesn’t get recruited into a botnet or becomes a spambot.

Arrested And Robbed All In One Night – All Streamed On Twitch

Live streaming is a big thing these days, with anybody being able to put on a camera, share their screen and show the world everything from their video games to board game parties. Sadly the opportunity to watch others from anywhere in the world has led to some rather nasty situations, one of these is the action known as ‘Swatting’. Swatting involves someone watching a live stream, and through various technological means, finding out the address of the streamer. With the address, they ring the police and often fabricate a situation where someone’s life is in danger and so the police act on the information they have and dispatch SWAT (special weapons and tactics) to the scene to help solve the situation. Normally they are still live streaming when the police burst through their doors, causing distress to everyone bar the caller.

Recently though this was not the case as during a live stream by Mr_13ig who was asked by a policeman to keep the volume down and for his details. After refusing to provide his details, he noticed one of his neighbours walk past and informed the officer that he was feeling harassed because his neighbour was taking photos of him. As the video continues the policemen arrests him for the noise complaint and his behaviour, only to then have two minutes later another crime happen in the apartment.

The neighbour who had walked past earlier, while being filmed by the live stream not only entered the apartment and took several items from the room, but then returned to take even more stuff, all the while seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was being recorded all the time.

You can watch the video here, and you’ll be glad to know that the neighbour who stole from the apartment has been charged with burglary thanks to the viewers ringing and informing the police about the crime.

Image courtesy of Twitch.

Twitch Completes Dark Souls in 43 Days

Dark Souls is a brutal role-playing-game and offers an unbelievably satisfying experience, making it one of the most addictive games in recent years. Not so long ago, the Twitch comments system was harnessed to complete a wide array of titles including Pokemon! The selection became increasingly more difficult and eventually the ultimate challenge was posed, in Dark Souls. Unbelievably, the Twitch commands in unison have somehow managed to complete Dark Souls in a mere 43 days.

This remarkable feat is somewhat surprising given the chat’s chaotic nature during the first few weeks. There was quite a large amount of trolling going on and people trying to sabotage the project. In an age where people rarely work together, the harmonious teamwork required to complete Dark Souls as a community really is something special.

Twitch Plays Dark Souls 2 is the next step and it will be interesting to see how many days it takes to complete the sequel. I personally found Dark Souls 2 to be easier, but it’s an unknown entity with comment mapped controls. In all honestly, I thought Twitch Plays wouldn’t even get close to finishing the original so this is a major shock.

Have you completed Dark Souls?

Thank you PCGamesN for providing us with this information.

Twitch Harnessing User Comments to Play Dark Souls

“Twitch Plays” is excruciating to watch but a surprisingly captivating formula which allows user comments to act as control commands. The channel was created by an anonymous Twitch user and integrates a Python script; the script features a graphical interface to clearly display the keys for each action.

Miraculously, the Twitch community managed to work in harmony to complete Metal Gear Ghost Babel earlier this year. Not content with this achievement, Twitch Plays has set its sights on Dark Souls, one of the most punishing games in recent memory. As you might expect, it will be a miracle if the game is completed and the pace of progress is extremely slow.

Despite this, it is an interesting social experiment to gauge how online users can communicate and work as a team. Any form of online interaction is often plagued by trolling, vile comments and rude behavior. While, there are a lot of people intentionally inserting the wrong command, it’s pleasant to see people having fun towards a difficult end goal. I noticed the playtime counter includes a yearly unit which suggests the channel owner isn’t very optimistic of the game being finished anytime soon.

Do you think this is a pointless exercise or something which might pique your interest?

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How to Improve Your Xbox One to PC Stream Quality

Microsoft has been steadily grouping the Xbox brand and Windows 10 together with a renewed focus on gaming. Back in January, streaming functionality between Xbox and PC was added which allowed you to play Xbox One games on multiple devices. The main caveat is you still had to own an Xbox One console which made this move pointless to a number of PC Gamers. While the streaming software has tons of potential, the video quality is quite average and based on a compressed video stream.

Thanks to Reddit user, OomaThurman (Fantastic name), there is a manual fix to increase the streaming quality and reach speeds of 20mbps. This provides a clearer, sharper image and while not groundbreaking, is a very noticeable difference. To alter the video feed quality from High to Very High, please follow these instructions:

Locate the Xbox App folder and open “userconsoledata” with a text editor such as Notepad++. This folder should be placed in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.XboxApp_~~~~~~\LocalState. If you cannot access the folder, ensure “Show hidden files and folders” is checked in Windows’ folder options. Now, press Control and F, and type “IsInternalPreview”. Once you have found this entry, change the flag to “true”; there may be multiple entries which need changing.

Next, you should be able to select the Very High preset and stream to your PC in maximum quality. Redditer, Chickern provided two images showing World of Tanks in action and compared High with Very High. The top image shows the High preset while the bottom is a Very High stream, or is it? I’ll let you decide! Our editor Peter tested it out too and reported a leap from 720p stream to 1080p@60fps in Forza 5.

Dark Souls Fanatic Completes Entire Game Using Voice Commands

Dark Souls is a punishingly difficult and incredibly rewarding experience which encourages you to improve through repeat gameplay. Finishing the story is a major achievement as the game rewards your patience. Unbelievably, YouTube user gbbearzly, also known as bearzly on Twitch, completed Dark Souls with a Guitar Hero controller.  His real name is Benjamin Gwin and already a household name in the Soul’s community.

After this feat, he decided to up the ante and play the entire game without physical controls. Gwin used a piece of software, entitled VoiceAttack which maps voice commands to keyboard presses. As a result, every small action or movement was recorded and programmed. This includes camera down, small left, parry, block and more! Unfortunately, there was a latency of around 1.5 seconds between the voice registering and command which made the playthrough extremely challenging.

Despite the delayed controls, Gwin managed to finish the game in just over 30 hours. In contrast, a seasoned Souls’ played would usually finish the game using a traditional control method in 13 hours. After reaching the end, Gwin said:

“Can’t feel too good about that, because I really scrubbed that up for a long time but there we have it — Dark Souls voice control only, complete,”

“I honestly can’t believe I did this whole run, it was actually sort of fun but also extremely painful in a lot of ways.”

Even though he was quite modest after finishing the game, it’s difficult to comprehend how impressive this is. The video below charts the final moments in the game and shows how the voice commands work.

Thank you Wired for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of

Twitch Transitioning From Flash to HTML5

Game streaming platform Twitch is finally switching from the notoriously unsafe Adobe Flash to HTML5, following in the steps of YouTube, which made the same change to its videos in January this year. The HTML5 rollout, which also includes JavaScript controls, will be gradual, and the underlying videos will still be powered by Flash for the time being. Twitch calls it “an important step to releasing the much-anticipated full HTML5 player” and that users should “stay tuned for more HTML5 updates.”

Luckily for Twitch, it is well placed to learn lessons from YouTube’s transition over the last six months, and longer since Google has been doing some stellar work with HTML5 since 2010. Five years ago, Google revealed a test version of the HTML5 video player it had been developing, a system that came to be used by YouTube this year. The prototype HTML5 player out-performed its Flash equivalent, and the code made it easier to embed videos.

Twitch’s transition to HTML5 shouldn’t take five years, like YouTube, but it is bound to be a slow and meticulous process. Short of taking the site down for a few months, which I’m sure owner Amazon would be loath to do, a creeping change should help Twitch move away from Flash as painlessly for its users as possible.

Thank you The Trigger for providing us with this information.

Twitch Plays Metal Gear Is a Hilarious Disaster

Metal Gear is one of the most iconic games in history, not just because of its popular modern releases, but also because of its rich and colourful back-catalogue. We’ve seen plenty of games cropped up on Twitch, with community controls that reply on people typing the action, with a bit of software working out what the majority of people want to do, then using those commands to control the game. The only problem is, fish seem to play games better than people.

Stealth is usually the key aspect of a Metal Gear game, running around in circles, not so much. Of course, there’s always a mixture of those who really want to play the game, as well as those who want to do everything they can to troll every one else, often leading to frustrating and hilarious bouts of community based gaming.

Have you ever tried to play a game like this on Twitch? How did it go for you?

Check out the stream below to see how far the game has progressed so far, but be warned, it may be a while before anyone actually completes the game, but you’re certainly welcome to try to lend a hand.

Watch live video from MGNLIVE on

AMD E3 2015 Conference Today @ 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST

The big show is just a few hours away! AMD plan to unveil their latest and greatest graphics hardware via their live stream. Of course, we know a lot about the new graphics cards already, as leaks have been flooding in left, right, center, top and bottom, but that doesn’t mean that AMD haven’t still got a few surprises for us.

With the AMD Radeon R9 300 series, as well as the very promising AMD Fury and Fury X ranges ready to be launched into the wild, you can be certainly we’ll bring you the latest here at eTeknix.

Of course, if you’ve got the time away from work, you can tune into the live stream yourself later today @ 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST.

Twitch Streamer Uses Xbox Rock Band Guitar on Bloodborn

What do you get when you mix a Xbox 360 Rock Band 1 Guitar controller with a PS4 version of Bloodborne? Well, a bit of a headache getting it to work at first, but eventually an epic ‘Guitarborne’ gameplay video, as Twitch streamer bearzly names it.

It looks like the guy really has some crazy ideas up his sleeves, but at the same time, they are most entertaining to watch. Also, the Guitarborne stream is not his first, according to his Twitch profile. He has performed many ‘terrible controllers’ runs of different games, but mostly Dark Souls, as he states he is a huge fan of the Souls series.

Aside from his latest Guitarborne video, he appears to have made a Drum Borne (drum controller), piano controller, one finger, Wiimote & Nunchucks and Bongo Souls (bongo controller) videos. Other videos he has in the planning stages include controllers such as the DDR Pad, Maracas, Katana, N64, SNES, Powerglove and Kinect.

Twitch users can also suggest him other crazy controllers and have him try to make an epic video out of them. At present, the hardest controller he used to play on and stream with is the piano Rock Band 3 controller, experiencing a lot of problems with running straight on the thing. Still, the videos are epic!

Watch some of his videos, including the Guitarborne one, below:

If you want to watch more of his videos, head on over to his Twitch profile. What do you think? Have any crazy controller ideas in mind?

Image courtesy of IGN

Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus Remake Is a Go!

On the heels of the success of Abe’s Oddysee New ‘n’ Tasty has had with the recent release Oddworld Inhabitants is greenlighting a remake of Abe’s Exodus. There is no current ETA though, just the promise of a great game to come.

The remake of Abe’s Exodus is thanks to fans who voted for that game to be done next if “Abe’s Oddysee New ‘n’ Tasty” was any good. The news was revealed by Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants’ co-founder and president who appeared on The Kinda Funny Games stream on Twitch. They talk a lot about how much of an influence that the community around the Oddworld games has made with the series. The whole episode is a very interesting watch and I would highly recommend watching it, as Lorne makes a hell of a talk show guest and has a lot of good insights.

The Oddworld games started with Abe’s Oddysee, which came out in 1997 on the Sony Playstation and PC platforms. Abe’s Oddysee New ‘n’ Tasty is a full ground-up remake of Abe’s Oddysee, that is much more than a simple HD remastering of the game according to our recent review.

Watch live video from KindaFunnyGames on Twitch

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Security Breach Causes Twitch to Reset All Accounts

Next time you log in to your Twitch account, don’t be surprised that all your info has been reset. In an official blog post from Twitch, they have suffered from a security breach, stating there “may have been unauthorized access to some Twitch user information” and thus Twitch has unauthorized all passwords and stream keys so that no further data is compromised. Not stopping there, they also unauthorized all linked YouTube and Twitter accounts. As is recommended any time any security breach happens, Twitch suggests that if any users used the same password for their account on any other sites, change them immediately to prevent any other personal information from being subject to similar breaches. With no official announcement of how bad the breach is, Twitch says they will “communicate directly with affected users” on any additional information necessary.

Source: Engadget

Player Beats Dark Souls’ Ornstein and Smough with Donkey Konga’s Bongo Drums!

Dark Souls master bearzly has beaten Ornstein and Smough, the two toughest bosses in From Software’s action RPG, and he did it using the bongo drums controller from Game Cube rhythm game Donkey Konga.

It seems, from his YouTube videos and Twitch stream, that bearzly is quite the talent when it comes to Dark Souls, but bossing the game using a glorified plastic drum is still a supremely impressive feat. It’s not uncommon for players to get stuck when facing off against Ornstein and Smough – the only double-team boss battle in the game – but Bearzly makes it look easy.

I’m looking forward to the day someone beats Battletoads with a Konami LaserScope.

Source: Kotaku

Twitch Fan Convention to Take Place in San Francisco


Twitch, the popular game streaming service, is to have its very first fan convention in San Francisco. TwitchCon will take place across two days on September 25th and 26th where viewers, Twitch broadcasters and developers can all sit and watch each other play in person instead of online.

Well, it’s supposed to involve a bit more than that, but at the moment details are extremely limited. The website for the event only gives a date – there’s not even ticket prices yet available. We do know however, that it will take place at Moscone West, the same place Apple and Google holds their annual developer conferences, WWDC and Google I/O. That should mean plenty of exhibit space and many opportunities for presentations.

Twitch has a massive following online, with millions flocking to the site to watch people play games. It’s success lead to a $970 million acquisition by Amazon back in September 2014.

We’ll bring you more details as they’re revealed.

Source: The Verge

Steam Adds Game Broadcast Streaming

Valve is going head-to-head with Amazon-owned game streaming platform Twitch by launching its own equivalent through its digital distribution system Steam. From today, users of Steam Beta can stream and broadcast games between other Steam friends.

The Steam streaming service is more personal than Twitch’s or YouTube’s offering, since it is designed to be exclusive to friends only, meaning strangers will not be able to view your gaming stream.

Using the new streaming function couldn’t be easier. Steam Beta is available for download through the website. Once installed, streams can be easily shared through your Friends List. Right click on a friend’s name and click the ‘Watch Game’ option. The person then has the option to accept your request. If they approve, you get instant access to their live stream.

Source: KitGuru

Final Fantasy XIV Gamers Stage Vigil For Dying Player

As Codex Vahlda, a 29-year-old Final Fantasy XIV player, lay braindead in the hospital, friends and strangers held a vigil within the game to pay their respects to the dying gamer.

Codex, a level 50 bard, suffered complications from renal failure and was being kept alive on life support so that his family and friends could say their goodbyes. A real-life friend of Codex, reddit user Pattmyn, revealed the sad news on the FFXIV subreddit, saying, “The odds were one in a million something like this could have happened; Everything was otherwise under control and a donor was lined up already (his brother).”

Compassionate FFXIV players on the Gilgamesh server, the one same Codex occupied, rallied together to commemorate their fallen brother. Imgur user Aenemius, member of the same Free Company clan as Codex, took screen captures of the vigil as players joined it. It grew from a couple of avatars to dozens:

Players even staged a spectacular light show to spell out Codex’s name on the beach near the Free Company house, livestreamed by Twitch user Spicule:

Separate vigils were held across the Balmung, Excalibur, Hyperion, and Brynhildr servers. Streams from the vigil were even screened in Codex’s hospital room. This outpouring of compassion did not go unnoticed by his friends and family.

Pattmyn confirmed that Codex’s life support was turned off on Sunday and that he had subsequently passed away.

Rest in peace, Codex Vahlda.

Source: Kotaku

Steam Broadcasting Announced, Valve’s Twitch Competitor Unveiled

Twitch, until now, has been pretty unstoppable, but Valve has just announced Steam Broadcasting which could be the next big thing in livestreaming your games to the world.

Valve announced the news today, unveiling that its new Steam Broadcasting feature allows gamers to stream their game to the world, or privately with their friends. Someone just has to stumble across your profile, and click “Watch Game” for it to happen, which is much, much easier than the sometimes messy way that Twitch has it. Twitch can be incredibly difficult for newcomers to get their streams up and running, with Valve making it much, much easier to get your games, and your stream out into the world.

Source: Engadget.

Lizard Squad Take Down Twitch and League of Legends

Game streaming service and online game League of Legends have been hit by notorious hacking group “Lizard Squad”, leaving both services offline for gamers and spectators alike.

The hacking group, or what ever we should be calling them, launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in the early hours of the morning. The first attach hit Twitch and shortly after the team took down Riot Games League of Legends services.

I’m not sure what’s with this idiots ruining gaming services for people, but it was only last weekend that the same team took down the Sony PlayStation Network. PSN has since been restored, but is still suffering some minor network issues.

What ever will come next? Seems it is pretty common these days for online games and services to be bumped offline and there is little to nothing we can do about it.

Thank you Gamezone for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Gamezone.

Amazon Has Bought Twitch, Not Google

Amazon has bought video-game streaming service Twitch for $970m (£585m) and not google as originally thought.

Twitch, launched in June 2011, is the most popular Internet destination for watching and broadcasting videogame play. We had previously brought you news that Google had bought Twitch, but in a surprise move it seems Amazon has acquired it instead. A statement from Twitch CEO, Emmett Shear, has been posted on the website thanking the community and also officially stating Amazon as the new owners. In the statement, it is said that the employees, brand and independence will be kept but with backing from Amazon they will be able to reach more people and improve the service. Amazon has reportedly paid $970m (£585m).

So what happened to the Google deal? One source mentioned that it was due to concerns that Google were concerned about antitrust issues and that they couldn’t come up with an agreement on the size of a potential breakup fee in case the deal didn’t go through. It seems that no sooner than Google backed down from the deal, Amazon were there to pick it up.

With Amazon making a big push into gaming lately, acquiring google is good business sense. with the revenue that is created from advertising on Twitch will be massive, in July alone there were more than 55million views and 15 billion minutes of video content. It will be interesting to see if Twitch will continue to be so successful with their new owners.

Thanks to BBC News for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of GameSspot

Reddit, Imgur and Twitch Join Forces as ‘Derp’ for Data Research

Some of the biggest names in social media have joined forces to form The Digital Ecologies Research Partnership (Derp). Somehow I doubt that acronym is a coincidence. Derp will grant academic researchers unprecedented access to their respective sites data allowing for groups at Harvard, MIT and McGill to promote “open, publicly accessible, and ethical academic inquiry into the vibrant social dynamics of the web”.

It came about “as a result of Imgur talking with a number of other community platforms online trying to learn about how they work with academic researchers,” says Tim Hwang, the image-sharing site’s head of special initiatives.

“In most cases, the data provided through Derp will already be accessible through public APIs,” he says. “Our belief is that there are ways of doing research better, and in a way that strongly respects user privacy and responsible use of data.

“Derp is an alliance of platforms that all believe strongly in this. In working with academic researchers, we support projects that meet institutional review at their home institution, and all research supported by Derp will be released openly and made publicly available.”

Derp will allow for a single point of contact for researchers to get in touch with the right people within each parent company of the group. This will allow research to progress faster and smoother, removing many of the hurdles that were previously in place when dealing with these companies.

It’ll likely be a while before we see the results of their work, but it’ll be interesting to see if they can come up with more than a database of the most popular cat memes by frequency of shares.

Thank you Guardian for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Guardian.

Twitch CEO Says Sorry and That Improvments Are Incoming


Since Google bought Twitch for $1 bn there have been many complaints, mainly due to them muting  the sound of videos if google found that unauthorized music was being used. Now the CEO has apologised and said that positive changes are coming.

It was no surprise that when Google acquired Twitch, that the hammer was going to come down hard on streamers, but when Google started to use audio monitoring tools in gamers videos many people have been left annoyed. If a streamer had 10 seconds of unauthorised music in their stream, even if it was part of the games OST, then that user could see their stream muted for a whole 30 minutes.  When Twitch’s CEO, Emmett Shear, took to Reddit to find out the publics opinion he realised that they might have made a mistake, for example, what happens when someone tries to do a Rock Band playthrough? Yup, it would be muted from start to finish.

Now, Emmett has apologised and has said improvements will be seen soon. There have already been some, such as an “appeal” button for videos that have been flagged for violations and also the maximum time limits applied to highlights being removed.  It will be interesting to find out what they do with the music in the streams though.

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It has long been expected, and now it has happened. has closed the doors and shut down, thanking their user-base for 7 years of live video memories. While the service has been shut down and the content isn’t available any more, any user who wish to transfer their profile to Twitch can request a transfer, but must do so before September 5th. as a company isn’t gone, they changed the name to Twitch Interactive earlier this year. Twitch originally spawned as just a category on, but quickly overshadowed the entire rest of the site combined with the number of viewers and streamers. In 2011 Twitch launched as an independent service and has since been a leading actor in live gaming-streams.

Paying customers of should already have received an email about refunds of left-over memberships. Since Twitch only offers gaming related streams, everyone else is recommended to switch to YouTube, Ustream or Livestream.

There are also rumours going around that YouTube (Google) is looking to purchase Twitch for as much as a billion dollars. As of late July those talks are said to be nearing their end. Neither of the companies have made any official statement about the possible merger.

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