Play a Voxel Powered Zelda Recreation in Your Browser

Been looking for an excuse the replay the original Zelda? Well, we’ve got a great one for you! A team of Zelda fans has taken the classic RPG and rebuilt it in 2.5D to celebrate 30-years of the franchise. No doubt this is one of those “play it before Nintendo shoot it down” scenarios, so it’s best to get playing while it’s still alive.

Zelda30Tribute is playable directly in your browser, meaning you don’t have to hang around to get in on the action. What’s really cool, however, is that the game is created using Voxels, giving it a really unique visual appearance. Unfortunately, it is still a work in progress, so only three dungeons are ready right now, and if Nintendo kill it, it’s likely you’ll have to dig a little deeper on the web to find future builds, but they’ll certainly be out there.

You can hit up Zelda30Tribute at the official website here, and be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

What was your favourite Zelda game? Would you like to see it getting a modern remake or are you happy with it the way it is?

The Music of David Bowie to be Streamed via Skype

Earlier this year David Bowie passed away. In tribute to the legend, Michael Dorf has created a tribute show, “The Music of David Bowie”. Due to interest in the project, you could now enjoy the show via Skype for a small charitable donation.

Teaming up with both Skype and ammado, the show at Radio City Music Hall on April 1st will be streamed online across the world for all the share in the memory. With a suggested minimal donation of $20 or £15, the show will feature 18 different artists paying tribute to the man himself.

The confirmed artists for the show include:


The donations will go to a range of charities such as the Melodic Caring Project (MCP)Grammy in the SchoolsFor Music & Art named as just a few. With 100% of the proceeds going to charity, you get a great show and help an amazing cause all in the memory of a historic figure. You can find out more and contribute to the show here.

Breaking Bad Scenes Recreated in GTA V

Note: This post covers spoilers for one of Breaking Bad’s most famous sequences.

Grand Theft Auto V is such an awesome open world game with stunning graphics which makes everything possible. Breaking Bad fans took it to a whole new level by recreating the some of the greatest scenes of the popular tv series. Few YouTubers have manage to pull off complex scenes using the built-in Rockstar Editor which assists in making and shooting the gameplay from various angles and provides the cinematic-like result.

This is a remake of the showdown between Hank Schrader and the relentless Salamanca Cousins from Breaking Bad’s season three episode “One Minute.” done by YouTuber Adam Pinkman.

Adam acknowledges the difficulty he faced during the creation of  two of the shots “but I managed to make them somehow.” Due to the lack of a great player model in the game to represent the bald and barrel-chested Hank, and the cousins lack some of their visual menaces, but the whole thing works very well. Recreating of the details was also challenging such as the dashboard clock with sam time as in the show, the black bullet, the axe dropped to the pavement.

This creation is done by LioN KoLLA.

We have witnessed creative recreating in GTA V such as Furious 7’s Paul Tribute. What are your thoughts on this video? Let us know in the comments section.

Thank you Polygon for providing us with this information. 

Image courtesy of Cracker.

Elite: Dangerous Adds Terry Pratchett Tribute

Frontier Development’s space trading simulator Elite: Dangerous has added a touching tribute to the late Discworld author Terry Pratchett. To commemorate Pratchett’s life, Elite has created a spaceport called Pratchett’s Disc, in orbit of the planet Vulcan. Located in system HIP 74290, the space station is available in the game’s latest patch.

Michael Brookes, Executive Producer for Frontier Developments, told Eurogamer:

“At Frontier we have a great many Pratchett fans on staff and we were all saddened to learn of his passing. The sentiment was reflected by our community so we felt it would be right to remember him in Elite: Dangerous. For me personally, Terry Pratchett was one of very few authors whose books I could buy without needing to read a review or even ask what the story was about. His talent for social commentary, humour, unforgettable characters and vivid worlds not only provided joy as a reader, but inspiration as a writer.”

Pratchett’s Disc now shares an orbit with the Nimoy Memorial Station, similarly created in tribute to recently passed Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy.

Source: Hexus

World of Warcraft Implement Robin Williams Tribute

Blizzard has promised and Blizzard has delivered. The tragic passing of the highly popular comedian and actor Robin Williams shocked many throughout the globe, it sparked multiple stories and reports on his life achievements, his advancements and attributes to comedy and also his tough battles with depression.

Willams was said to be a World of Warcraft fanatic, so the studio has paid respects to their fallen comrade. Wowhead has reportedly found a hidden character code of a tribute to Williams, and a few days later an update has seen it come to life. This update can be seen through the Warlord of Draenor expansions BETA, containing an island that houses a special lamp. A quick rub will see a genie appear that directly resembles Williams’ efforts in Aladdin.

It is said that there are a few smaller mementos located within the game, Engadget pointed them out:

“You’ll also find a broken egg with machinery inside (an allusion to Mork and Mindy), and there may be subtler odes to both Mrs. Doubtfire and Toys.”

Don’t have the BETA? You’re going to have to wait until the official release on November the 13th, or take a look at this video.

Image courtesy of Wowhead