Imagining The World If Powerful Leaders Were Transformers

Well, erm, yes, as you do, have you ever wanted to see famous political leaders being depicted as Transformers? Now you can after a talented artist and satirist by the name of Gunduz Agayev has bought an updated 2015 incarnation of his “Transformers” series back to the public eye.

First up below is the former research scientist and current Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel who looks quite calm and authoritative, well for a transformer anyway.  Germany as a country has had quite a difficult year, from a faltering economy to the current refugee situation, I think the illustration captures the demeanour of the German Chancellor over the past year.

Next up below is what appears to be a cross between a transformer and Robocop in the form of current president Barrack Obama, this illustration perfectly captures the relentless attacks by Donald Trump over the course of 2015 as the US gears for this years (2016) presidential election, who would have thought Republication Trump could still have a chance of running for the White House. The illustration also conveys a sense that President Obama is attempting to be Robocop for the entire world after attempting to push through laws that impact more than just the US.

Below is the next illustration and it perfectly captures and also satirizes the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin, his 2015 has been somewhat gung-ho and has included verbal threats against numerous countries as well as air strikes in Syria etc.

Last but not least is the current Queen of the UK Elizabeth II, who looks quite cheerful as a red London bus transformer, it pretty much sums up 2015 for the Queen when you consider her personality never really deviates when greeting people in the public eye.

These pieces of artwork are memorable, unique and convey key characteristics while making a statement, they also have more significance rather than being just a series of over the top images.

Father And Son Build Giant Transformers From Old Car Parts

A father and son from Zhangmu township in Hengyang, China have recycled parts from used cars to build massive replicas of Transformers robots.

Farmer Yu Zhilin and his son built their first model, based around the Michael Bay’s movie versions of the Transformers, which are wildly popular in China, over the course of three years, but have become quite skilled at constructing them now.

Their workspace is an abandoned factory, and Yu Zhilin, who has a background in fine art, has turned it into a makeshift museum, from which he and his family make 1 million RMB annually.

Source: Kotaku

Robert Downey Jr. Gives Disabled Boy Prosthetic Iron Man Arm

Robert Downey Jr. helped a disabled boy to become a real-life Iron Man when he presented the child with a 3D printed prosthetic arm modelled after that of the Marvel superhero. Iron Man actor Downey Jr. was working with non-profit organisation Limbless Solutions to give young Alex Pring – who was born with a section of his right arm missing – the fully functional prosthetic.

Limbless Solutions uses engineering students from the University of Central Florida to create 3D-printed limbs for children, allowing for inexpensive production of prosthetics that kids quickly grow out of. Each limb costs around $350 in materials, and takes up to 50 hours to construct.

Seven-year-old Pring, a Transformers fan, also received an Optimus Prime arm from Limbless Solutions last Christmas.

Source: Engadget

Transforms 5 Movie Announced Even Though 4 Isn’t In Cinemas Yet

The new Transformers: Age of Extinction movie is yet to be released in cinemas, but that hasn’t stopped Paramount from making the extremely early announcement their Transformers 5 will be hitting cinemas in 2016. This is a very strange move indeed, but I’m sure fans of the series will be happy regardless to hear that the movie franchise is far from over.

We knew they were planning on making more movies in the Transformers series anyway, especially since they’re trying to re-boot the franchise now that Shia LaBeouf has been replaced with Mark Wahlberg after his epic plagiarism scandal that practically destroyed his entire career.

All I care about is that there are more potentially awesome movies on the way that are packed full of gargantuan robots knocking the crap out of each other, with all the mindless special effects and subwoofer destroying loud noises that my neighbours no doubt adore me sharing with them.

Transformers: Age of Extenction will be launched in US cinemas on June 27th after its premier screening in Hong Kong later this week, then we can expect the new, as yet untitled, Transformers 5 movie to follow in around two years time, too early to get excited?

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Looks Very Promising In Latest Trailer

A not-so-sneaky peak at the latest Transformers movie was aired during Super Bowl 2014 and initial responses from the internet masses, myself included are enthusiastic that the fourth entry in the series could be rather awesome. And with a cast list that has been much improved since the departure of Shia LaBeouf, the film will now feature Mark Wahlberg as the lead, Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor and Sophia Myles.

In what may very well be Michael Bay’s most over the top film yet, we can look forward to the Dinobots featuring heavily in the film, as well as Optimus Prime riding a dinosaur, hell yeah!

The film hits theatres on June 27th and will make the start of a new wave of Transformers films. The new one will still follow on from the last three films, but this is still every bit a refresh for the series.


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Michael Bay Assaulted While Filming Transformers 4

Turns out gigantic robots are no means of defence when it comes to the real world, no doubt a shocking reminder that CGI just isn’t as good as the real deal and I’m sure Michael Bay and his team would have loved to have Bumblebee on hand to kick some butt this week.

A gang of drugged up thugs decided to storm the set of Transformers 4, tried to rough up some members of the crew and wind them up for several hours, demanding thousands of dollars to make them go away. It is said that all retail units in the area were given a payout for the inconvenience of the movie being filmed in the area, but these guys were essentially wasted and thought that they should get some money for nothing.

After refusing to give into their demands, one of the men came at Michael Bay brandishing an air-conditioning unit as a weapon and tried to smack Bay in the face. Naturally Bay is a cool guy and ducked before knocking the nut job away and letting his security jump on the guy. It is said that it took seven security to control the man, who is said to have bit through the shoe of one of the guards! Then it also too a team of fifteen Hong Kong cops in riot gear just to get the situation under wraps.

I’m looking forward to the new movie, but it’s an interesting insight into some of the crazy things that are going on behind the scenes.

Michael Bay have posted a wonderfully detailed account of what happened on his blog, which you can read here.

Image courtesy of Michael Bay.

Transformers Developer “High Moon” Are Developing A Next Gen Title

The rumour mill is spinning again today as we hear that Activision based developer High Moon Studios are hard at work on a new next gen game. Of course it’s hardly a stretch of the imagination to think that a games developer is making a new game, they wouldn’t be very good at what they do if they weren’t at least making something!

The developer is best known for its work on the more recent Transformer titles, although as some of you may know, they’re also working on a title called Deadpool which is set to be released this June for current gen consoles.

According to some insider sources, High Moon Studio are working on a brand new next-gen game, which is due to be released on the Xbox Next and the PlayStation 4 and is unlikely to be released on either the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3.

The title hasn’t been officially announced just yet, and that’s not that surprising as Microsoft has yet to show of their hardware and Sony are still playing their cards close to their chest until the next PlayStation even later this month and of course, E3 2013.

The speculation is the best part of course and given the developer has a strong history of Transformers titles, I would say that’s a safe bet, although it really could be anything given that the dev is making Deadpool, and they could even have a new idea under their sleeve. What would you like to see, Transformers, or something new and original?