EVGA Offers Free Shroud Upgrade for existing Hybrid Card owners

EVGA launches the Hybrid Faceoff Program and offers their existing Hybrid Card customers a free upgrade in the form of a new and improved shroud for their cards. For a limited time, and while supply lasts, all EVGA customers who have one of the three participating cards are eligible for this upgrade.

The free does have one small hitch, you will have to pay for shipping and handling. But the new shroud in itself is free of charge. The offer applies to customers who have purchased an EVGA GeForce Titan X Hybrid, GTX 980 Ti Hybrid, or a GTX 980 Hybrid graphics card.

The new shroud will give the cards a fresher look and lighter look. EVGA removed the X-shaped design and opted for a more simple approach. The new shroud also updates the look with an LED, allowing you to light it up and show off your fancy hardware with pride.

The trade-in should be very simple and you only need to head over to the EVGA mini-site and log in with your EVGA account, fill in a few details and you should be good to go.

I like the new EVGA Hybrid shroud design quite a bit more than the old one. It looks more like a Nvidia card and generally just lighter. Would you opt for the new shroud if you had one of these cards or do you like the old versions better? Let us know.

Amazon Cancels Trade-In Programme

Amazon has officially canned their trade-in scheme for physical entertainment goods and ends on August 31st 2015. This isn’t a surprising move considering the poor trade-in prices compared to CEX and cash value on eBay. Also, physical media is being phased out for digital content and takes up storage space for items with a larger profit margin. Nowadays, there are so many digital platforms available including Netflix, Spotify, Steam, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and more!

Of course, there are collectors out there and people who prefer physical media, but they rarely trade-in products towards another item. As a result, it makes business sense to drop this policy and improve Amazon’s digital streaming services. You only have to look at the PC Gaming market to see how quickly digital has revolutionized purchasing habits. Only a few stores stock retail PC games and I presume they are quite a niche outlet. Generally, other media such as film, and books will eventually catch up and be predominately digital.

The only reason to trade anything in is convenience and not wanting to bother with eBay selling. Stores offer pitiful amounts because they know consumers will accept low prices to avoid the hassle of eBay. I do wonder what will happen to retail stores and the second-hand market in an increasingly digital future.

When was the last time you traded in a product, and what was it?

Argos Rolls out Smartphone and Tablet Trade-in Scheme

Argos, one of the UK’s latest retail chains, has launched a trade-in incentive to recycle unwanted electronics. The retailer plans to offer vouchers in exchange for tablets and smartphones. Each device will either be refurbished and resold or recycled to help protect the environment. Unlike existing schemes, Argos’ retail presence allows for a convenient, in-store quote without having to ship the item off to a company and wait 5-7 working days. However, I highly doubt Argos will be able to match successful second hand resellers like CEX who offer competitive prices versus the competition. Additionally, consumers can sell their unwanted items through a number of means including eBay, Gumtree, Facebook groups and local advertisements. Usually, even after fees, the eBay prices are significantly higher than any trade-in offer.

Companies are hoping to get the custom from people who feel uncomfortable on eBay or find it too time consuming. Perhaps, they don’t know how to photograph items or cannot answer technical details about an electrical product. Amy Whidburn, head of corporate responsibility at Argos, said:

“As a leading technology retailer we know that our customers are looking for solutions to responsibly dispose of unwanted gadgets when they replace or trade-up devices. Our new scheme in conjunction with Wrap offers them a safe way to do this, in a really convenient location on their local high street or retail park, with the added benefit of receiving a gift card in return immediately.” 

It’s an interesting move and I’m fascinated to see how generous Argos’ trade-in prices will be.

Have you ever traded-in an old or unwanted item?

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Android Trade-in Program Launches Today at Apple Retail Stores

Today Apple is launching a trade-in program for select non-iPhone smartphones at its Apple Retail Store locations. The program will allow credit towards an immediate purchase of a new iPhone model for users who trade in their select Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry phones.

Apple is aiming to drive more business from people who will trade in their current working devices to get something better. The standard Apple iPhone trade-in program was first started in 2013 and last year opened up to include iPads. Now the program is accepting select Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices for in-store credit to users immediately buying an iPhone. The program is so far only available in the US, France, Italy, and the UK.  You can check if your store has the program on its individual store page. The online Apple Reuse and Recycling Program is now open for users to trade in a Windows notebook or desktop for an Apple Store gift card.

Source: 9to5 Mac

Eurocom Offers 25% off New Laptops When Trading in Your Alienware M15x

With some Alienware system moving towards integrated graphics, Eurocom has come out with a great offer for those who want a highly customizable laptop that’s also upgradeable.

Customers can now trade in their Alienware M15x in any condition and Eurocom will give them 25% discount on the final price of any of their laptops. The offer ends March 31, 2015.

“We are trying to lead a Renaissance of Upgradeability to allow users the opportunity to lower the total cost of ownership by extending the life of their laptop by increasing performance and capability through component upgrades. We want customers to love their laptop, care for their laptop and upgrade their laptop” Mark Bialic, Eurocom President.

Considering you can configure these high-end laptops with i7 desktop CPUs, GTX980M SLI, RAID SSDs and so much more, 25% discount can make a lot of difference and should be something a lot of people could take advantage of.

Customers interested in the offer should contact the sales department via email to set up the deal.

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BlackBerry Offering $550 for Your Old iPhone

In an example of apparent desperation, BlackBerry has started to offer up to $550 towards a new BlackBerry Passport when you trade in an iPhone. They’ll give you $240 for an iPhone 4s and up to $550 for an iPhone 6.

BlackBerry has been in decline for some time, losing money, customers and good ideas. The device they’ll give you the discount on in return for the trade-in, is the new BlackBerry Passport – a phone with a giant square display and keyboard. We haven’t yet heard about how many of these “worst designed thing, ever” devices have sold yet, so it’ll be interesting to see what effect this trade-in offer has on BlackBerry’s fortunes.

Source: 9to5Mac


Microsoft Offering $650 So MacBook Air Users Will Switch To Surface Pro 3

Getting a MacBook Air user to trade in their latest Apple kit for $650 off a Surface Pro 3 sounds like a tough-sell doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly what Microsoft are hoping MacBook Air users will do in the latest Microsoft promotion. Microsoft are offering consumers “up to” $650 of store credit that can be used to purchase the Surface Pro 3 when MacBook Air users trade in their device. The amount of money off will vary by the device, the money off is lower for the lower end Surface Pro 3 devices. It also isn’t clear how much each MacBook Air device is “worth” in Microsoft’s “trade-up” scheme, presumably newer models and larger screens will be worth more. Either way the offer seems fairly reasonable if you’re looking to swap your device quickly, if you can hang around then it seems likely selling your device first and using the money from the sale to buy a Surface Pro 3 will work out a better option. The current pricing on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 series is as follows:

  • Surface Pro 3 64GB with Intel Core i3 – $799
  • Surface Pro 3 128GB with Intel Core i5 – $999
  • Surface Pro 3 256GB with Intel Core i5 – $1299
  • Surface Pro 3 256GB with Intel Core i7 – $1549
  • Surface Pro 3 512GB with Intel Core i7 – $1949

Source: Softpedia

Image courtesy of Microsoft

Green Man Gaming Launches Unique UK Trade-in Service

Green Man Gaming is one of the world’s fastest growing online games retailers and today they are launching a brand new Trade-in service in the UK for Xbox 360 and PS3 games, allowing customers to trade their games in against anything on GMG, including a PS4 or Xbox One pre-order.

Having rolled out a PC Digital trade-in service at launch in 2010 and acquired the Playfire social network of core gamers in July 2012, GMG is following up on this by giving UK gamers a new, fresher way to cash in the value of their games. Customers simply trade-in their games for GMG Credit to use against their next purchase – but unlike other services, they can choose to use this credit instantly and buy anything on the Green Man Gaming site immediately before they even send their games off – no waiting around for weeks on end. Games can be traded-in against PC Digital games, consoles games and peripherals or a Next Gen console itself.

Also launching on GMG in the UK is a range of Pre-owned games – giving gamers more ways to save by having the same games at even lower prices… Well I guess they have to do something with all the traded in titles right?

“Today we are delighted to announce the launch of our UK Trade-in and Pre-owned services,” said Paul Sulyok, Founder and CEO of Green Man Gaming. “The Xbox One and PS4 announcements at E3 showed how passionately people feel about being able to unlock the investment they’ve made in their games and we feel GMG’s unique platform allows our customers to do just that and benefit immediately.” Sulyok went on to add, “We live in an age where games and hardware have become so advanced that they are more expensive and less attainable in today’s tough economic conditions. Reducing this barrier by allowing gamers to use the value of their current games against their Next Gen purchase can only be good for the industry. Now you can buy a game from us, track your gameplay free on our Playfire service and then trade it in for your next new gaming adventure straight away. As GMG only focus on the core gaming audience, we feel we are in a great position to help them make this transition to the Next Generation.”

Martin Baxter, EVP of Trading at GMG, also added, “Our customers tell us they want choice and immediacy. Offering trade-in, immediate GMG Credit and a used games catalogue helps us deliver on this.” Baxter added, “To mark this UK launch GMG will also be adding an additional £2 trade-in bonus to every game traded-in during the first 2 weeks – and this can be used immediately against anything on the GMG website, including a pre-order of the much anticipated PS4 or Xbox One.”

These Green Man Gaming services are rolling out in the UK first and more information on the offer is available at www.greenmangaming.com/tradein-offer.

Thank you GMG for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of GMG.