FAA Set Deadline For Drone Registration

For a while now the hot topic for technology being used by the public has been drones. Small devices capable of flight with everything from a camera to a gun attached to them. Recently a drone crashed into a power line in Hollywood, the end result being a power outage for several hours with no way to track the responsible party to a toddler losing an eye to a crashed drone, the concept of controlling this area of technology has been discussed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for a while. The FAA has now clarified what the registration will entail and revealed details about the penalties for flying without a permit.

“The Qube is flown in a demonstration (pictured above) in Simi Valley, California, October 19, 2011. The tiny drone with four whirling rotors swoops back and forth about 200 feet above the ground scouring the landscape and capturing crystal-clear video of what lies below. (Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times/MCT)”

In order to register you will be required to pay a $5 fee, a fee that is being waived if you register in the first 30 days. You must register any drone that weighs between 0.55 and 50 pounds, by the deadline of February 19th, 2016.

The penalty for flying a drone without a license? Civil penalties could be a fine up to $27,500 while criminal penalties could include fees of up to $250,000 and up to three years in jail!

You can start the process now, but you won’t be able to fully register until December 21st. In order to register you must be 13 years old and upon completion will be issued a certificate that will include a unique ID that you must put on your drone.

High Court Marks DRIPA Law As Illegal

In recent years, technology and the law have been at heads about what is right and what is wrong. This ranges from is it legal to use drones for public use or even to deliver your amazon parcels, to the use of interception towers to track, record and locate people based on their mobile phones. Last year the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 (DRIPA) was passed in the UK allowing the retention and access of information to groups with little or no legal outline. The High Court seems to agree with this and has marked the law as illegal following a challenge by two MP’s.

David Davis and Tom Watson (Conservative and Labour MP’s respectively) brought about the challenge following the DRIPA’s rush through parliament under the premise of being an “emergency” bill. The High Court has now stated that both sections 1 and 2 of DRIPA are fundamentally incompatible of the British public’s to private life and the protection of their digital data and data stored about them. These rights are provided under articles 7 and 8 of the EU’s charter of fundamental human rights.

The judgement was officially given on the 17th July, a year after it was officially brought into law after receiving Royal Assent. The reason for the ruling is the unclear way in which access to data would be provided for the purposes of protecting people only, such as detecting and preventing serious crimes, or that the access of information had no legal oversight such as through a court given permission and therefore, could be accessed without limitation.

With this ruling, the law must now be rewritten before March 2016, taking into account the need for legal intervention and outlining the ways in which the information can be obtained and used.

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Image courtesy of newsday.

Fans Can Start Playing Fast & Furious Forza Expansion for Free Right Now

The standalone Fast & Furious expansion for Forza Horizon 2 is out and available for free on Xbox One and Xbox 360, but if you want to play it without paying, you should hurry and download it now!

Similar to the Horizon 2 title, the Fast & Furious expansion is an open-world racing game. It is said that Tej Parker will task you with tracking down the rides required for the team’s next big mission and make you drive around the south of France.

The expansion will put you behind the wheel of 11 classic cars from the series, including a ’98 Supra, ’70 Road Runner and ’70 Cuda from the Fast & Furious 7 movie.

The title of the game, Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious, seems to accurately describe what users are to expect from it. The Verge apparently tested it and confirm that the expansion gives a clear demo of the Horizon 2 game while promoting the Fast & Furious 7 movie.

Those of you who want to take the expansion out for a spin should keep in mind that the free price tag will not last forever. The Fast & Furious expansion is said to be free until the 10th of April, after which it will be sold for $10.

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Anki Overdrive: The ‘Scalextric’ of The Future

Anki, the creators of the A.I. racing game Anki Drive, have announced their latest product, the Anki Overdrive – what very much appears to be the Scalextric, or for the non-Brits among us, the slot cars, of the future.

Anki introduced their slot-less cars during Apple’s WWDC in 2013. Until now, the track you see in that presentation had pretty much been the same, using A.I. cars that are programmed to race each other around it.

Now though, with ‘Overdrive’, Anki really has captured the spirit of slot-cars, with most of the usual features, including bridges and of course, the dramatic crashes on the corners. There are some things though, like jumping, ‘respawning’ and ‘shooting’ opponents’ cars, that our old fashioned Scalextrics could never match.

Anki Overdrive won’t be available until September 2015, but for now, we have this video below.

Source: The Verge

SteelSeries Launches the Sentry Eye Tracker

The latest gadget out of the house of SteelSeries is the Sentry Eye Tracker and is designed to give web-streamers a new method of presenting their content as well as pro-gamers that want to optimize their flow by recording and analyzing their eye movements.


“Today, with our Sentry Eye Tracker, we are announcing an entirely new way for streamers and viewers to see the game,” Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “This is just the tip of the innovation iceberg for Sentry, and we could not be more excited to realize all the possibilities that emerge when your game knows where your eyes are looking.”

Gamers can also set the Sentry Eye Tracker up for controls, making it possible to activate something by just looking at it. This could be extremely useful, but also very hilarious and frustrating when happening by accident. The Sentry Eye Tracker works with 3 NIR LEDs that track and record your eye movements 50 times per second.

The new SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker should be available now for an MSRP of $199.99.

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Images and Video courtesy of SteelSeries

Apple Patents Mouse With Scanner and Display

Apple has been given a patent for a mouse that includes a built-in scanner and display.

The patent details a mouse with special sensors that can scan its surface, transferring the image to a screen embedded within the mouse itself. The added sensors would also help with tracking, making it an incredibly accurate pointing device.

The built in “chromatic sensor” would allow a user to scan a document simply by dragging the mouse over it.

Apple’s patent applications are certainly not always evident of future products – the company is famous for designing and prototyping an array of weird and wonderful devices, that it quite often simply throws into oblivion.

If this did become reality, I guess there would be no more waiting around the office photocopier, eh?

Source: TechCrunch


Keep Your Camera Safe – Where is it Likely to be Stolen?

There’s an application called Lenstag, it allows for users to register their stolen photographic equipment in aid of the recovery of said items. According to their latest report, the top three places to have your prized possessions stolen include: your car, burglary of your home or theft on public transport.

Lenstag is designed to help people share their stories of stolen equipment around the globe, allowing people to look out for photographic sales on websites like eBay and report their whereabouts. They’ve been recording all of their data since their inception earlier this year and have produced the following pie chart explaining what they’ve discovered. Alongside this information, they’ve also discovered that throughout their 2013 data, the most likely to be stolen items are your Nikon D700, Canon EOS 60D or Canon EOS 7D. The above graph shows that the three main methods of stealing make up for around 60% of the total market – warning users to keep their cameras and accessories out of sight and ouch of reach of prying thieves.

They’ve listed their findings on exactly what country your items are likely to be stolen in and what models have been reported missing throughout each major brand – alongside some alternative accessories like action cameras and laptops used to editing.

So given this information, if you own a Nikon D700 and an Apple MacBook 15.4″, transporting them around constantly it your old automobile without much security, it may be time to invest in a pet German Shepard dog. As you can see above, Lenstag can be downloaded for free across Android and iOS devices – it provides you with a somewhat higher chance of getting your items back, but we urge that you make them as safe as possible in the first place.

Images courtesy of Chiphell and Lifehacker